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Is there any Meat in the Meatball?

I cooked meatballs for dinner, but I decided to try some ingredient improv so that Kira could eat them, too.  So, due to her food allergies, no eggs, no bread crumbs.

I decided that pureed peas would take the place of eggs for stickiness and wheatgerm would take the place of breadcrumbs.   That was okay, but they wouldn’t stick together so I added applesauce.

Are you grossed out yet?

Well, don’t get too grossed out because my fairly picky eater husband ate them and he liked them…hehe, even after I told him what was in them (but not until after he ate them, lol).

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  1. You’re so innovative! I am lucky if I follow the recipe and the food turns out edible ;)

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