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This is my favorite gift Kira received for Christmas, courtesy of grandma and grandpa Hat (because they always have on ball caps, lol).

It is a chainsaw.  I love it.


Santa brought the apron, but don’t let the butterflies fool you…she is a little tiny, twisted version of both her parents with her slightly devious gleam in her eye.  I think she’s thinking the same thing I am…Halloween either 2010 or 2011, there will DEFINITELY be a Baby Leatherface costume in the works.


Okay, not really.  I have none.  No motivation to post on this site or to do much of anything online.  Hell, I haven’t even been farming on Facebook for over a month and I flushed or sold all my fish on the numerous Facebook fish farms I had.  See, I am not doing anything much online at all…so it’s nothing personal to my blog.

I have to make a decision about how, where, when and if I am going to continue to post here at all…but more on that later.

For now, I really shall share a recipe!  I just made this up tonight, so if there is something similar out in the internuts already, so be it.

Stir Fry Tortellini


ground turkey, beef or chicken (or shrimp or any other meat you choose)
veggies – I chose red pepper, broccoli and fresh spinach
tri-colored cheese tortellini (I used that of the frozen persuasion)
olive oil
shredded cheese (parmesan, mozzarella, etc…you choose)

Okay.  So, I cooked the ground turkey until it is very done.  I added garlic to it while it cooked.  It was pretty lean so draining wasn’t necessary in this instance.

Meanwhile, I cut up my veggies and steamed them in the microwave because I find that it speeds up the cooking process.  I also started my tortellini boiling per the instructions on the bag.

Finally, I added the steamed broccoli and red pepper to the cooked ground turkey, poured in about 2 tsps of olive oil and a little more garlic and black pepper. I added fresh spinach, cooking for a couple of minutes until it starts to wilt.  Then I add the boiled and drained tortellini to the meat and veggies, pour on enough olive oil to coat the pasta, sprinkle the cheese on top to taste (I didn’t use much since there is cheese in the tortellini), stir and serve while its hot.

It was delicious!

Here’s what the finished product looks like and it is healthy!

stirfry tortellini2

The Build-a-Bear finale.

The ever so pleasant first Santa experience!

dr suess
The awesome Dr. Seuss Christmas outfit worn in her Santa pic.

The Gameformer magazine she dragged around the house this afternoon…and OMG, she looks just like me as a kid in this picture.

Alas…time for her tubby, a Martin Short-esque shampoo hair-do, and a bit of a pout.

I thought I would share my day with the internuts.

I think I will backtrack a bit to add that Friday night was spent in a battle of wits.  Vince and I vs. Christmas tree lights.  They nearly kicked our ass.  We ended up tossing the majority of our cumulative collection in the garbage.  And that was the most enjoyable part of the whole experience.  Well, not really, I suppose I really did enjoy making up mean songs about Christmas lights to the tune of several Christmas songs.  But I would enjoy that sort of thing.

Now, moving on to the Saturday festivities…

I awoke to the invite for breakfast and to laundry. This starts out pretty exciting, eh?  Then on to breakfast at IHOP, which was yummy delicious, where my child proceeded to act spastic near the end of our excursion.  She took a power nap of 20 minutes on the way home and then proceeded to be all bouncy, so we decided to pack her lunch and torture ourselves at the mall.  We managed to kill two birds with one stone:  1) we got Kira’s picture taken with Santa for the first time ever and 2) we did her first ever Build-a-Bear because I had a coupon (I lurves me some coupon savings!!).

The mall traffic sucked ASS!  The insane traffic, the crowded stores and just the simple fact that it is a mall is why I try to avoid ever going there.  I know, I know…I am not a girl, well at least not in the sterotypical “liking to shop” sort of way.  Trust me, my husband can and HAS out-shopped me by a long shot.

We lost Vince at a cool pub decor store and went to BAB.  Kira immediately grabbed FOUR unstuffed animals, a polar bear, a kitteh, and 2 different teddy bears and latched onto them like a leech.  We waited for Vince and waited and waited until I realized I didn’t have my cell phone.  So, I pried the unstuffed animals from Kira’s firm grip and went looking for him…no such luck, so we headed back and called his mobile from the BAB store phone.  No answer, gah!

He finally strolls in and we get Kira a polar bear.  She did quite well for such a tiny girl, she even pressed the pedal all by herself to blow the stuffing in.  She kept her death-grip on her polar bear until I fed her in line for Santa.

Ah, the first Santa experience…I walk her up to him and she starts screaming and crying.  Most likely to the horror of most of the other parents waiting in line, I hand her over to this Santa stranger, step back and tell the lady to take the picture tears, smiles or whatever we get…I WANT THIS PICTURE!  So, we got pictures with Santa and the lady did manage to distract her enough to get the “what, are you nuts?!?” glare from my kid.  I love it!  Then they stuck it to us for $20 for 2 5 x 7′s.  That is crazy shit.  I assure you next year we will try another approach, like the Breakfast with Santa event or something.  It couldn’t possibly be worse than the effing mall.

At this point Kira was wiped out, as were we.  We came home and she napped for all of an hour, maybe.  We ate dinner and then I got peed on a little.  And then I knelt in the pee.  Hmm…I think that will be all for today!

Tomorrow we shall have our first family portrait done, dinner with family and then I shall hopefully get a good night sleep before I proceed with intentionally making my child ill by giving her milk to drink.  Doctors are so sadistic…

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that on the way to breakfast I threw Kira’s sippy cup of apple-banana juice into my purse and upon arrival discovered that the lid wasn’t secure and about half the sippy cup emptied into my purse!  This was quite funny until I realized this evening that my MP3 player was in there…YIKES!  I am just hoping that it isn’t f.u.b.a.r.

All in all, it was a crazy day and I had a great time!!!

Dry Run

I was all psyched up to take Kira out in her first snow but alas, there is no snow!

That didn’t stop us from dressing the part.  She liked the hat, obviously, but I couldn’t keep the mittens on her!

snow bunny

I cooked meatballs for dinner, but I decided to try some ingredient improv so that Kira could eat them, too.  So, due to her food allergies, no eggs, no bread crumbs.

I decided that pureed peas would take the place of eggs for stickiness and wheatgerm would take the place of breadcrumbs.   That was okay, but they wouldn’t stick together so I added applesauce.

Are you grossed out yet?

Well, don’t get too grossed out because my fairly picky eater husband ate them and he liked them…hehe, even after I told him what was in them (but not until after he ate them, lol).


what more could I possibly say?!?

Uh…that would be the cartoon characters, not the half-naked, dancing men.

Yeah, so I have been sleeping MUCH better lately.  Yay for the melatonin supplement I’ve been taking!  It really works, apparently, as I am actually able to fall and mostly stay asleep and even have REM cycles.  I really like REM cycles.  I am a SERIOUSLY ANGRY BEAR when I am sleep deprived.

Oh…a little side note for those of you who think like my husband…I am taking melaTONIN, not melaNOMA.  Seriously, he is so weird.

But anyway, back to my dreams.  I am dreaming and remembering them, which is like being reunited with an old friend of mine.  I love remembering my dreams, they add extra color to my life.

So, this particular dream, myself, my husband, my friends, and (yes) Chip and Dale the cartoon characters from the days of yore are on a fishing boat in the ocean and we are fishing for sharks of all things.   We aren’t having much luck, so Chip (or perhaps Dale, as if it matters, lol) offer to be the bait.  This works, we catch a shark.  Then, when we are certain that Chip (or is it Dale?) has met his fate inside the belly of this ginormous shark, his voice startles all of us as he is looking on wondering what we are all doing standing around looking at a shark.

Then I woke up to a screaming baby.

Don’t you wish you knew what happens next?  I doubt it!

In case the friends are reading this, I intend to name you so that you  know I have weird dreams about sharks and cartoon chipmunks (wearing next to nothing!) and YOU ARE INCLUDED!  Heather, Dan and Athena…you were all there!!  Mwahahahahaha!!!

Happy Black Friday!  Or day after Thanksgiving, if you prefer.  I prefer the latter, as I am not so crazy as to line up in freezing temperatures and fight crowds.  I would rather pay more for stuff, no…actually I’d rather shop online.

I hope you had a lovely day of thanks, good food and good company.

I was just thinking about crashing for the night when my blog popped into my mind, so here I am.  I must say, I am appalled by my lack of input to my site.  Where have I been?!?!?!?!

I can hardly believe how quickly the time passes, too fast.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief update.  As you know, Kira is 1 year old now and she is always on the go, always walking and running.  Her new thing is to back up to and sit upon all the animals she encounters.  It is cute, but I need to stop this behavior before she gets hurt.  Uh, to say the least, she is not gentle about plopping down on them and I worry that someone fuzzy will eventually react unpleasantly.

Kira is having reflux and gas symptoms nearly as bad as she did at about age 4 months, she is also having a lot of diarrhea that is burning her skin.  I took her to a pediatric GI specialist and got accused of being crazy for stating both factually and calmly that giving Kira milk as an experiment makes me anxious.  The doctor wants to see for himself, but he doesn’t have to live with the consequences.  The consequences make me anxious.  The doc says my reaction worries her more than the problem and if I am not already, then I should consider “seeing someone” and perhaps getting some kind of anxiety meds.  I personally believe that it would be more disturbing if I had been pleased about making my daughter sick.  But what do I know?!?  They decided to test her for celiac disease, but fortunately the results were negative.  I just wish I knew what was wrong so that we can make her feel better…

Meanwhile, there isn’t much else happening.

I’ll be back.  Really, I swear!

Today is the official day my peanut turns 1 year old.  Not technically until after 10 p.m. Central time, but I am hoping she will be soundly sleeping by then.

This day is very special for so many reasons, too many to name right now but perhaps I will try at a later date.

For now, here are some pictures from Kira’s special day(s):

Bowler Hat and eating Little People

Bowler Hat and eating Little People

Kiraboo eating her first cake (allergy-free, of course)

Kiraboo eating her first cake (allergy-free, of course)

Ah, yes.  There is my other 1 year old, lol.

Ah, yes. There is my other 1 year old, lol.