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Archive for November, 2009

Uh…that would be the cartoon characters, not the half-naked, dancing men.

Yeah, so I have been sleeping MUCH better lately.  Yay for the melatonin supplement I’ve been taking!  It really works, apparently, as I am actually able to fall and mostly stay asleep and even have REM cycles.  I really like REM cycles.  I am a SERIOUSLY ANGRY BEAR when I am sleep deprived.

Oh…a little side note for those of you who think like my husband…I am taking melaTONIN, not melaNOMA.  Seriously, he is so weird.

But anyway, back to my dreams.  I am dreaming and remembering them, which is like being reunited with an old friend of mine.  I love remembering my dreams, they add extra color to my life.

So, this particular dream, myself, my husband, my friends, and (yes) Chip and Dale the cartoon characters from the days of yore are on a fishing boat in the ocean and we are fishing for sharks of all things.   We aren’t having much luck, so Chip (or perhaps Dale, as if it matters, lol) offer to be the bait.  This works, we catch a shark.  Then, when we are certain that Chip (or is it Dale?) has met his fate inside the belly of this ginormous shark, his voice startles all of us as he is looking on wondering what we are all doing standing around looking at a shark.

Then I woke up to a screaming baby.

Don’t you wish you knew what happens next?  I doubt it!

In case the friends are reading this, I intend to name you so that you  know I have weird dreams about sharks and cartoon chipmunks (wearing next to nothing!) and YOU ARE INCLUDED!  Heather, Dan and Athena…you were all there!!  Mwahahahahaha!!!

Happy Black Friday!  Or day after Thanksgiving, if you prefer.  I prefer the latter, as I am not so crazy as to line up in freezing temperatures and fight crowds.  I would rather pay more for stuff, no…actually I’d rather shop online.

I hope you had a lovely day of thanks, good food and good company.

I was just thinking about crashing for the night when my blog popped into my mind, so here I am.  I must say, I am appalled by my lack of input to my site.  Where have I been?!?!?!?!

I can hardly believe how quickly the time passes, too fast.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief update.  As you know, Kira is 1 year old now and she is always on the go, always walking and running.  Her new thing is to back up to and sit upon all the animals she encounters.  It is cute, but I need to stop this behavior before she gets hurt.  Uh, to say the least, she is not gentle about plopping down on them and I worry that someone fuzzy will eventually react unpleasantly.

Kira is having reflux and gas symptoms nearly as bad as she did at about age 4 months, she is also having a lot of diarrhea that is burning her skin.  I took her to a pediatric GI specialist and got accused of being crazy for stating both factually and calmly that giving Kira milk as an experiment makes me anxious.  The doctor wants to see for himself, but he doesn’t have to live with the consequences.  The consequences make me anxious.  The doc says my reaction worries her more than the problem and if I am not already, then I should consider “seeing someone” and perhaps getting some kind of anxiety meds.  I personally believe that it would be more disturbing if I had been pleased about making my daughter sick.  But what do I know?!?  They decided to test her for celiac disease, but fortunately the results were negative.  I just wish I knew what was wrong so that we can make her feel better…

Meanwhile, there isn’t much else happening.

I’ll be back.  Really, I swear!

Today is the official day my peanut turns 1 year old.  Not technically until after 10 p.m. Central time, but I am hoping she will be soundly sleeping by then.

This day is very special for so many reasons, too many to name right now but perhaps I will try at a later date.

For now, here are some pictures from Kira’s special day(s):

Bowler Hat and eating Little People

Bowler Hat and eating Little People

Kiraboo eating her first cake (allergy-free, of course)

Kiraboo eating her first cake (allergy-free, of course)

Ah, yes.  There is my other 1 year old, lol.

Ah, yes. There is my other 1 year old, lol.


Today was Kira’s 1st Birthday party.  It was such a great success.  Family and friends visiting, cupcakes (both allergy-free and regular!), Kira playing outside with other kids and seeing her surrounded by love.  She was also fairly responsive to her gifts, which everyone so generously brought for her.  She didn’t have much interest in opening her gifts, but she sure did enjoy them once they were opened. She grabbed an Elmo and ran, grabbed a baby and hugged her, and danced to a musical puppy.

As much as this is a celebration of Kira’s first year of life, it is also more than that.  It is a celebration of being a family for a year, for Kira’s amazing growth physically and mentally this past year, for all of us surviving each other for a year.  It really has been an amazing year.  Trying and difficult, wonderful and joyful, endearing and educational.  I have grown as much, possibly more, as Kira has this past year but in a different way.

I am a better person.  More aware of others, of myself, more patient and I have an entirely different perspective on love than ever before.

I have Kira, my love, to thank for all that.  I thank her for this most wonderful year and for her most wonderful self.

Happy 1st Birthday Party, Kira Barie!!