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Archive for August, 2009

The first ouch is that I had a blood draw on Monday of this week and it didn’t go terribly well.  Don’t you just hate it when you have blood drawn or donate blood and the needle-wielding person is incompetent? This is the end result of having a phlebotomist that should perhaps find a different area of interest…unless, of course, their area of interest is inflicting pain in which case they are doing a great job.


Keep in mind that the bruising is a full 4 days old in this photo.  It really sucked.  I am still awaiting results at this time…
The other ouch is that Kira is teething in double time right now.  She has her two bottom, front teeth coming in and is cutting all four top, front teeth at the same time.  She has been hurting, crabby and not wanting to eat.  Poor baby girl!

So, that is our double ouches for the week and that is more than enough to make it interesting!


I just thought I’d stop in and say hello.

This has been a hell of a year.

I’ve become a mom and all the glory and glamour that entails.  I have been jumping through hoops to try to find out what is up with my kid’s digestive system and allergies.  I have been feeling the pressure of new parenthood on my marriage, my daily life, and my self in general.  I have been hoping for time to pursue a photography career, but not quite been able to make time the way I’d like to.  I have been blogging (harhar).

So, you get it, this has been a crazy year so far.  And it’s not over yet!  Thankfully.  AS IF I need the years to pass any faster than they already do.

My point, you ask? Now I am sick.  No, not just sick and tired.  Actually sick.  Ill.  I am awaiting some bloodwork, some has been done already, and waiting for answers.  It is looking like a variety of problems that may or may not include: low thyroid, low potassium, kidney issues of some variety, and leaning toward type 2 diabetes.  This does not appeal to me.  Nothing on this list actually appeals to me. Although, I must say, if I knew what was wrong then perhaps I could fix it and then feel better.  That is what I’m looking forward to.

I suppose motherhood has been harder on me than I suspected…I mean, I expected some gray hairs (no worries, got those, too!) but I apparently get a bonus health of an 80 year old package! wOOt!

Kidding, of course.  I am expecting to be fine because in all honesty and humor aside, the one thing motherhood has given me for certain that trumps all this other medical b.s. is a reason to be here for a long, long time and a reason to be healthy, healthier, perhaps even healthiest…or whatever that means.  In a nut shell…I am not worried because I am not going anywhere but right here participating in my kid growing into an adult.

I was stubborn before, but I think I may have just taken it to an all new level.

Think healthy thoughts for me, say prayers, send healing vibes…whatever you do, it’s all welcome.  Thanks!