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Archive for February, 2009

We are not celebratory of Valentine’s Day around our house.  My husband thinks it is nothing more than a Hallmark holiday when it becomes all about flowers, cards, candy, jewelry and all other heart-shaped paraphernalia…so, we don’t do flowers, cards or candy…okay, sometimes I buy us chocolate covered strawberries because you can only ever find them this time of year without going to specialty candy shops but if I could buy those at the local grocery in mid-July or any other month of the year, believe me I would.  Oh, and I am just not a really romantic kind of gal.  My idea of romance is…well, lets not go there.

I digress, which oddly makes me feel much like my “old self” (pre-baby) again….

My point is that I had a lovely V-Day in our own way and my husband didn’t have to get a loan to buy a huge bouqet of flowers or any bling.  Instead, he showed his love in the best way possible…He stayed home with Kira for 2 hours while I went and drank over-priced coffee and read a book.  A BOOK!  I GOT TO READ A BOOK!  That hasn’t happened in quite a while now.  That is the closest thing to a vacation I am going to have for some time…getting lost in a book.  It was awesome.  It is the little things that make me happy…

After my return from reading (w00t!!), I fed Kira and then we shopped for bedroom furniture for a while.  That was a dead end, but at least we have a better idea what we like.  Kira, the little sweetness, slept the whole time we shopped.  Then, we went to Houlihan’s for an early dinner at which Kira watched us and all the other people with wide-eyes.  I fed her some cereal and we came home.  She went to bed tonight without a huge struggle at 8:30!!!!! which is greatly improved from her former 11 p.m. bedtime schedule which was KILLING ME slowly.

Once Kira was sleeping soundly, Vince and I went through a few boxes in our family room.  No, we are still not even close to being unpacked, nor will we be this year at the rate we are unpacking.  He went through one box and I went through one, but everytime he pulled something out that belonged to me, he handed it to me.  The next thing I know, I am holding these random items and he is handing me another saying, “This must be yours” and I respond with an emphatic, “Stop handing me everything that is mine, dammit, what do you expect me to do with this stuff?!?”.  We both bust up laughing.  I swear, he is so weird that he makes me look normal…not an easy feat!

Now I am blogging and he is playing XBOX360…we are a match made in heaven, really.

I usually do.  It is rare for me to be entirely speechless.  Rare, indeed.

My being the kind of person who always has something to say, it stands to reason that I dole out a lot of advice…mostly solicited, occasionally unsolicited.  I have always been that person that people approach with issues, problems, etc… when seeking a shoulder to cry on, some one to lean on or advice and I love that about me.

So, in the spirit of being approachable, if you would like my non-professional advice on anything, then now is the time to ask for it.  Leave a comment and I will post that along with my advice to you…either anonymous or onymous, your call.  Then you are welcome to take it, recycle it or dispose of it!

Now, lets see if anyone is actually reading this blog anymore….muahahah!

Missing you.

Kira’s Aunt Hebby came to visit her last weekend, all the way from Chicagoland.  This is the first time she met her Aunt Hebby and she absolutely loved her!  She thought her Aunt Hebby was sooooo funny and so does her mommy.

We miss Aunt Hebby and wish she was closer (really, that we were closer to her!) so we could visit all the time.


I just received my AARP membership card in the mail!  wOOt!

Oh, yeah, my mistake.  I am not 50 years old yet.  By quite a long shot, I should add!

Is this a joke?  I can’t help but laugh, but damn…am I starting to look someone else’s age or what?!?