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Archive for November, 2008

Here is the link to Kira’s hospital newborn pictures so you can all go admire my little baby girl.  She looks pretty much just like I did when I was born and, of course, she is so smart and so wonderful…Although she does have a set of lungs on her that can peel paint off the walls.

My little girl is here and I am finally well enough to sit in front of my computer.

Wow, what a tough delivery and an even worse recovery for me!  Kira is doing well and she is gorgeous, I would post a picture but as of now I don’t have access to any pics.  Cybrdad took pics at the hospital and with my being ill afterward, well, neither of us have had time to take any pics or process any that were already taken.  Sad, but true.  We will get with the program soon.

I intend to drive her crazy for her whole life taking photos until she is annoyed with me!  That is what I get for all the pain I endured, hehe.

If you would like to read about Kira’s journey into our lives, go to and check it out.

If you would like to see the only posted picture of her, go to her dad’s site at

Life update

I have been dragging around boxes, unpacking, putting things away and hanging up clothing until I am ready to scream.  I hate moving…that is a mouthful from someone who has moved 23 times in my life.

I will say this, this move is the most like Christmas I have ever experienced.  I haven’t seen most of our stuff/my stuff in over two years.  There are a lot of things we didn’t even know we had and a lot more that we forgot we had and even a small section of things we thought we had, but haven’t found them yet if we did.  It isn’t boring, that much I can say for certain!

I am extremely uncomfortable down in my lady area, as my little beastie that is growing inside me has been dropped and engaged for at least two weeks now.  There is so much pressure down below that I am afraid for what is to come.

Today I woke up with one giant, swollen foot and significantly low blood sugar levels.  I had breakfast and then my blood sugar level went through the roof and my swelling worsened.  Just one leg/foot.  Not both, it is weird.  I called my doc since this is out of the ordinary and they need to see me right away.  I go in for a doc visit in the morning to see what is up.  I hope like hell he decides to induce labor.  I am ready to meet my little beastie girl.  That, and to sit/stand/lay down without discomfort.

Anyway, I think she is ready to come out on her own, so maybe that is the deal.  She is pushing really hard and I have been having contractions on and off for weeks.  I think it is time.  I know we are certainly ready, at least as ready as we can be.

Go visit for an update, too.  I haven’t forgotten the site (or this one, either!) but we haven’t had internet for about a week and then I got busy unpacking.  Not I feel like crap, so maybe I will sit on my butt and type up some more nonsense for the four or so readers I have left!