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Archive for October, 2008

We have a house.  The closing went a bit rough, but we survived. 

The kittehs are here.  They remember their mom and are happy to see me…what a HUGE relief.  I have had my kitty-fix and am feeling much better. 

I have no idea what we are going to do with all the crap still coming from storage.  We have only received our sea shipment from Hong Kong and already there is stuff everywhere.  I have no idea…but the movers are bringing it tomorrow, so soon we shall see.

We had tons of help getting some things done yesterday, both friends and family showed up and took care of all the little things we needed complete immediately.  Plus washed dishes, scrubbed the inside of the refrigerator/freezer, painted the nursery…this, in addition to a plumbing repair, electrical repair, fencing repair, and much more. 

I have had two EXTREMELY long days, or maybe three.  I think I have walked the baby down even further and it will not be long.  We shall see!

So much happening, so little time to process it all much less write about it.

The baby is ready to roll.  She is dropped down against my cervix, which brings me to a whole new level of discomfort, I have apparently had my “bloody show” and am awaiting her arrival at this point.  I am not dilated at all, at least not as of Monday when I was examined and if I am having any contractions, they aren’t strong enough to notice.  So, my little beastie may be with us on or before Halloween (if we are lucky it will be ON Halloween, what an awesome birthday!).

We close on the house this Friday, move in Saturday thru Monday and I get my fuzzy boys back on Saturday, too.  I can’t wait to see them!  It has been just over three months.  Three long, lonesome months without kittehs.  I miss having a kitteh on my head at night, Francois makes the bestest nightcap.  I just hope they aren’t too freaked out by the 5 hour drive to St. Louis from St. Joseph, MO and that they remember their mother.  I NEED KITTEHS!!!

There has been more to do this week than I can keep track of.  If I haven’t returned your phone call or if my scant posts are boring the hell out of you, then I must apologize.  That is about all I can do right now, I mobility and brain function are both rather limited right now.  I just hope I get my brain back soon.  I don’t think it is fair that women have to do both the physical and mental part of pregnancy…I think if I have to carry her in my body, be uncomfortable, and have painfully gross things happen to my body, then Cybr should at the least have to get “placentabrain” (as my doctor calls it, see it has a technical term).  Oh, well, it isn’t likely at this point so there isn’t any sense in dwelling on it.

Will be back…sooner or later!

I have a lot more free time than I used to.  It is a good thing because I am mostly exhausted and need the rest but it is a bit sad, too, because then I do things like this…

This is one of the things I have been up to recently.  We shaved all the shave-able dogs which made Sassy cold once her hair was gone…So, this was the obvious solution:



Well, here is my big Buddha baby belly at 30 weeks…which means this picture is nearly 4 weeks old now.  Yeah, I’ve been a bit busy.  Sorry.

I saw my bestest friend over the weekend and went to the zoo with her, her husband, their four children, and two neices.  We four adults took a total of six children to Cecil Whittaker’s Pizza for a dine-in meal.  You would think that would be chaos, since five out of the six were under 5 yrs of age, but their kids are so good.  She manages them like a champ and they still have fun but didn’t leave their seats during the meal.  Meanwhile, there was another large group with many kids and their kids were running all around, screaming, holding doors shut, crying, etc…but still, Heathers kids held it together.  They were a prime example of how kids should behave in a restaurant, which I hope makes mom and dadvery proud.

There was another baby shower this weekend, as well.  It was mostly friends and a few family members.  It was a great time.  I will tell you all about it at, so check it if you want more info.

I am in countdown mode.  I want in our house, I want my fuzzy kids and I want my baby.  Now, dammit!

Quick update

I have posted an update at Baby Barie, if you are interested in a more detailed account of what is happening with baby.

Be back soon!