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Archive for September, 2008

We had our inspections done on the house we have a contract on and now are preparing to meet with our agent this evening to renegotiate a couple of important issues…let’s all hope that the deal still goes through or we are back to square one looking for a home again, but this time with a newborn in tow.  I really want to be in our own place when she enters this world.  I need it.  I need our own space.  I can’t explain why, nor do I feel the need to .

I have my first baby shower this weekend and the second is next weekend…yay!  I just can’t wait to eat cake and see all my friends and family.  Oh, and see the stuff…you know, the baby stuff.  Baby stuff is fun, we just bought some pj’s that are pink with monkeys all over them.  Hehe.  Monkeys are good.

I am SOOOOOO eating cake tomorrow, even though I am not supposed to have sugar.  I am only human, so LET THERE BE CAKE!

I have to send baby pictures to my bestest friend who is hosting the second baby shower…one problem…I put them in a “safe place” so they wouldn’t get bent.  Oops.  I have been tearing stuff up all week looking for them.

I have acid reflux bad enough that multiple doses of medicine have no effect on it.  I think my esophagus is permanently burned just from last night alone.  I am planning on testing the wives tale that a baby will have a head full of hair if the mom has heartburn/reflux…we shall see!

I spend WAY too much time in my OB’s office every week.  He was right, it is a lot of time spent there and it does suck.

I felt really crappy all week until yesterday, when I suddenly received a burst of energy yesterday that has continued over into today.  Pregnancy is so weird.

P.S.  There will soon be an update of my belly…I swear.

It is like blogging with my hand (or brain) tied behind my back, not having cats around to muse about.

I miss my fuzzy boyz.  I miss sleeping so soundly with a Francois B. Doo Doo on my head. 

It is no wonder I haven’t had much to say since being separated from the kittehs…musing sans cats = increasingly difficult.

Just a reminder what their handsome little butts (and faces!) look like:

Francois (aka B.Doo)

and Burrito (aka Dorito)

Momma will see you boys soon, just a few more weeks…I hope you still remember your mom.  I am counting down the days before Francois sprawls out across my keyboard to inspire my musings…

I decided upon my return to St. Louis that I would like to do my part in avoiding hemorrhoids during this pregnancy.

First thing that came to mind as far as prevention was that toilet paper is entirely too abrasive a surface for such a delicate region. 

I purchased my first pack (obviously, I am out of the loop on ass-care products) of the adult version of baby wipes.  The most common brands I found were Cottonelle and Charmin, so being as particular as I am about regular toilet paper I chose to try both products to see which was a better fit for my ass.

This is what my findings are:

I used the Cottonelle brand first and it is okay.  I don’t mind the texture, there is no added fragrance or dyes…my only slight concern was that they sometimes rip when you pull one from the container and if it is that weak, then I may very well have cause for concern in the sanitation department.  But if I use a couple, then that remedies my concern.  Overall, it is a good product.

Then I moved on to the Charmin brand.  I opened the new container and -OMG!!!- I was hit with the overwhelming scent of bubble gum.  I don’t want to wipe bubble gum or bubble gum scent on my bunghole.  Eww!  It gives me the creeps.  There are some odors that just don’t mesh with ass.  Bubble gum is one of those fragrances, in my opinion. 

So, the Charmin wipes may very well be as good or better quality than the Cottonelle wipes…but my ass will never know.

Contrary to what you may think, this was NOT a paid advertisement but rather a ridiculously long post about my ass.

I haven’t posted much lately since we have moved half-way around the world, house-hunted for weeks on end and had pregnancy complications in between.

I have recently entered the state of pregnancy that is extremely uncomfortable and exhausting as all hell.

I have been trying to manage gestational diabetes for close to a month and my fingers are tired of being stuck.

I have to pee pretty much as soon as I get done peeing…sooner if the baby is applying pressure.  I should just hang out in the bathroom.

I am seeing my doctor twice every week to monitor both myself and the baby.  Mostly the baby, as gestational diabetes involves a higher risk of still birth.

Currently the baby is 3.5 lbs. and wiggling all the time.  I think she was on a spin cycle all day Monday and oddly enough it was clockwise the entire day.

We FINALLY found a house we like and put a contract on it.  We have looked at nearly 70 homes in our price range and only liked this one house enough to put a contract on it.  I would venture a guess that our real-estate agent is annoyed with us and likely relieved that we are nearly out of his life.

I recently discovered that I will be REQUIRING nursing and sleeping bras…holy crap, I didn’t even know what a sleeping bra was for!

I also recently discovered that it gets really difficult to reach your “area” to wipe after peeing.  Nobody tells you these things about pregnancy…

I haven’t seen my fuzzy boys (Francis and Burrito) in 8 weeks.  I miss them so much I can’t stand it.  I dream of them nearly every night.  I am having withdrawal symptoms and I am so worried they won’t remember me, well at least that Burrito won’t remember…I am pretty sure Francis will remember, he will just be mad.

I have severe leg/back pain every day and night.

I have two baby showers coming up and I can’t wait!  It will be great to see everyone AND I get to have cake since I have been on this no sugar/low carb/restricted calorie diet for almost a month.  Yay!  Cake! 

If I had to choose between cake or death, I would definitely choose CAKE!