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Archive for August, 2008


We have a car now, a Mitsubishi Lancer.  It is very pretty, yet practical and pretty much fully loaded for a very reasonable price.

The fuzzy kids, Chini and Guinness, have been sick for about a week.  They have both been to the vet and have both been on medication and have both had a really rough time.

We are now on the search for a house…that story has just begun.

I registered for baby stuff last weekend.  Wow.  That was the most exhausting four hours and I never would have survived if it weren’t for Heather and Dana.  I had back-up moms/friends to help me get through it.

I just found out that I did not pass a very important test at my most recent OB appointment…read more on this.

I clearly underestimated how much we would have to do on this first week of having Cybr with me here in St. Louis.

I am so very tired.   Exhausted, really.

We have found a car we like and are going to buy it tonight, assuming all goes well.  The fuzzy kids are sick and I am taking them to the vet today.  All week long, I have been driving the Great White Truck that my dad has loaned to us to the MetroLink station to drop Cybr off to go the rest of the way to work.  Then I have been driving all the way back to my job, which takes another 30-ish minutes.  Then doing it all over again in the evening and going straight to car lots until they close at 9 p.m.

We are both exhausted.

Good news!  I saw my doctor and we have our first baby picture!

Dear Cybr,

I know that this past week has been extremely difficult for you.  I know that it has been a series of things going wrong and sucking very badly. 

I know that in addition to stress due to things sucking you have been saying good-bye to people you like and a place that you love.

You are doing this all alone and I know how difficult this whole process is from my own experience, but doing it alone makes it ten times worse.

As much as I empathize, I cannot help but feel elated at the thought of you arriving soon.  I cannot wait to see you.  I cannot wait to put my arms around you and hug and hold you as tight as our little brewing baby allows. 

Just the thought of your pending arrival makes my heart skip a beat.  I miss you and I love you, my bestest friend, and I look forward to the look of surprise when you see how much our child has grown.

No matter when you actually arrive (I will let you share your flight mis-adventure with the world), I will be there waiting for you with open arms…

With Love,
Your best friend and devoted wife and the little kicking machine inside me.

I wish I was capable of filling this post with wit and humor, but I am bummed out about my kittehs.

I miss them.  I worry about them.  I need my kitteh’s.  At least a kitteh fix.  I am having serious withdrawals.  It has been three weeks since I last saw them and there isn’t much chance of me getting to visit with them anytime in the next 3 weeks. 

Let’s just hope I can endure the withdrawal symptoms, they are a real bitch.

Cybr gets home in about 5 days, well probably closer to 6 if I actually counted the hours…as much as I miss him, well, I am still not counting hours.  Only days.

There is so much going on and all feel like doing is taking a nap…

If you are totally depressed, then perhaps you can stop by Baby Barie and get a laugh at my expense.