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Archive for March, 2008

I want to welcome my husbands new site by adding him to my sidebar and asking any/all of you who are reading this post to check it out.

It is a web comic called “A Little Scary” which displays his wit and twisted humour, as well as my own…potentially.  That is assuming that I can locate the notes I took with some funny scenarios and conversations…mind you, this was a few years ago when he first started this comic.

Go! Check it out!

Well, so much for adrenaline pumping excitement, but we did have a nice weekend.

We ventured into Central to meet up with our new internut friends from New Zealand, Sue and Clive. ScrappySue and I “met” via a comment on my bloggedy-blog. I checked out her site and she seemed relatively harmless, so when I found out that her and her hubby were to be in Hong Kong on holiday I just couldn’t resist asking (at risk of sounding like a cyber-creep) if she and her hubs might want to meet up for a bite of local cuisine.

Against her better judgment (har-har), she agreed to meet with us. The end result was deciding on a meeting point, hoping like hell we would recognize one another from blog photos, and then having brunch.

Here is us having lunch and chatting it up in a little local dive we love:


Lunch was great! It included Sichuan pork, beef & spring onion in sauce, little dragon buns, pork & leek dumplings and fried Shanghai-style noodles. The Sichuan pork was my fave, too, Sue!

We had a great time getting to know our new internut friends. They, too, are very nice, normal people (normal in a good, fun way!) and we are pleased to have met them. Not to mention, brunch was their treat to which I will say again, Thanks so much! You didn’t have to, but we really appreciate that.

We hope they are enjoying the remainder of their holiday in Hong Kong, which I am sure they are. Oh, yeah, thanks for the schooling on the Sevens. We had no idea what it was, but now that we know we would like to attend! It sounds like great fun.

Anyone else who would like to meet Sue when she is in your neck of the woods, check out her blog and say hello…although I make no promises that she will oblige.

Also on this weekends agenda, we watched Cursed for the first time and initially we were greatly disappointed with the movie…until we realized it was NOT a drama and is supposed to be campy. After that realization, it wasn’t so bad.

I also called my grandma back home in Missouri to wish her a Happy Birthday!! She was in an unusually good mood and I enjoyed a very long conversation with her.

Not on our weekend agenda was Burrito retching up the giant string that apparently still lies somewhere within his little digestive tract. All I keep thinking about that is the longer it takes, the nastier it will be…one way or another.

I am considering this the beginning of the ‘updated photos of my fuzzy kids’ series I have been planning.  I am going to begin with Burrito, but first I must share with you a couple of important details…

First, Burrito ate a HUGE fabric string (like a draw-string from a shirt, but a really fat one).  It is seemingly bigger than his little pooper can poop.  I rushed him off to the vet as soon as it happened and the vet proceeded to administer medicine to induce vomiting…after waiting for a long time, he didn’t vomit.  Although, he was definitely not feeling well from the meds.  The last bit of advice I received from our vet was, “If you really want to make him throw up, just put out an expensive rug or a piece of clothing you cannot replace…hehe.”  He is a great vet and a real funny guy.  So far, it is still inside…only time will tell.  I am still hoping for him ruining my rug if it means no surgery.

Second, and last, is that Burrito HATES monkeys with a capital “T”…I know that makes little, if any, sense so just work with me here.  He hates monkeys so much his little face distorts with rage when he sees his monkey.  He isn’t like this with any other stuffed animals lying around for him to amuse himself with.  Only monkeys.

And now, here are Burrito’s updated photos:

Well, hello. Monkey.

Oh, yeah, I HATE MONKEYS!!!

Stealth ninja-like monkey attack in progress.

Happy Easter!

courtesy of LOLcats of and…

Humorous Pictures

see more crazy cat pics

By the way, this has been scheduled to post on my blog for Easter Sunday for about a half day and then I checked out NoMiniMom and saw she posted it on her site, too… great minds think alike!!


Oh, it’s creepy AND hilarious…at least if you have ever seen/heard of Being John Malkovich.

The Easter holiday is being celebrated here in Hong Kong with many businesses being closed today and Monday.

This has three significant meanings for me:

  1. no cat trapping today.
  2. no lab results regarding Cybr’s poop issues.
  3. 4 days to spend with Cybr…4 long, long days (hehe, he had chili for lunch and Mexican for dinner…I dare you to spend four days with him after all that!)

I don’t know what we will do with our time, other than meander about Hong Kong and take the kids for a couple of extra good walks since the weather here is unusually gorgeous for this time of year.

bye for now.


Taken from NoMiniVan:

Random / Weird facts about me
5.) My appendix was removed in 2006. It was attached to my hip joint and endometriosis was the glue.

4.) I adore Bette Midler. Absolutely love her and her music, she is such a talent. Yes, it may make me a big dork, but there are so many things that contribute to that fact that this one is minute in comparison.

3.) I spent a lot of time visiting emergency rooms in my youth (I was frequently injured)…although I was always more fond of visiting public toilets (this is just pure curiosity).

2.) I swallowed 6 thumbtacks when I was a kid and to this day have no idea if they still linger within…I was 15 years old.

1.) If you think the thumbtack thing is weird, I was stabbed with a pencil (accidentally) at age16.  It broke off about three inches into my body, in between two ribs…I didn’t notice for a little over an hour.  Due to the healing the body does in an hour plus, I had to be cut open in order to remove the wood.  The lead (graphite) was never located, but eventually surfaced underneath the scars of my stitches.

5 Places I want to see or see again
5.) Australia. Anywhere in Australia, really, as long as I get to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

4.) Iceland…

3.) Africa for a safari.

2.) Alaska while it is constantly daylight…or maybe darkness.

1.) I’d go back to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico anytime…it was beautiful

What an odd day.

I just selected a plastic bowl from my collection of pseudo-tupperware that I could consider to be disposable.

Why, you ask?

So that my husband can poop in it.  Not because we are into that sort of thing. No.  Simply because my husband requires a stool sample to determine the cause for his chronic diarrhea and without a bowl the sample would be a)contaminated by who knows what may lie inside the depths of our toilet and b)impossible to reach to collect a sample from without entirely too much contact.

Disgusting, isn’t it?

He has been instructed that once the sample is collected, to bag the bowl inside the dark colored bag and take directly to the garbage bin outside.  I am never, ever to see the bowl again.  Ever.

 Holy crap! What a day!

I went out at 7:30 this morning to trap and there were no cats out; however there were a gazillion small children running and playing and screaming that early in the morning, which would explain why the cats were scarce.

Anyway, I gave up at 9:00 and came in for a bit. I went back out at 9:30 and met my partner in cat trapping. No sooner did we decide that none were going to come out that Mister Moostache paid us a visit.

We trapped him.

He is the only one we trapped today, but believe me when I say that it was sooooo worth it. This little man is virile enough to populate the earth and I think he’s been trying.

He was a wild one, though. He rocked the cage all the way to SPCA and we were concerned for his safety.

They de-sexed him, checked out his former wounds and sent him on his way. He seems to have healed up fine from the infected wounds he suffered from during the past month.

So we get him back to Discovery Bay and decide we should release him straight away since he has been stark raving mad the whole journey, but I just want to take a quick peek at him to be sure he is okay before we release him…

Yeah, well, good thing I did. He was on his side, covered in urine, salivating all over everything, panting, eyes glazed over and convulsing.

This is not good.

I say to my cohorts, “We have to take him straight to the vet!” to which they both agreed. There was a little drama along the way when my friend who was driving wanted to stop and take a look, but I refused due to a)the urgency and b)knowing damn well that it would upset her to the point of freaking out…it upset me and I am cool in bad situations.

Anyway, the vet here in DB said he would sedate him, examine him and to hope for the best. The cause was stress, which I knew, and the vet said that it may kill him as stress can do to a cat. I prepared for the worst and hoped for the best while I worked out hard core to relieve the stress of the situation.

So now there is both good and bad news (sort of) and more good news…

The good news is that his sutures are good and the sedative seems to have worked its magic. He was calm, yet alert and we just released him back to his home.

The bad news is the Mister Moostache won’t be getting any for quite some time (by the way, this is only bad news for Mister Moostache).

The additional good news…the vet here in DB (who is so wonderful) did not charge me for tending to Mister Moostache. Not even for the sedative.

I forgot to mention that when I picked Mister Moostache up from the vet, I saw a ziploc bag filled with  part of a dogs intestine.  Somebody was a bad puppy and ate part of her toy…she was in recovery still.  The intestine was awaiting the owner coming in for a post-surgical consult.  It was interesting, or so I thought.