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Check out these cool cakes from Maxim’s bakery in Hong Kong. They always have really cool cakes like this available. I took a picture of the Christmas cakes, but it didn’t turn out and I was in a rush so I only got one pic. Too bad for you, you don’t get to see them. Too bad for me, I was in too much of a rush.

Oh, well, the Hello Kitty cake and the Mickey Mouse head cake are pretty cool. That will have to suffice.

Funny Tee



Which part of St. Louis is best? The City, The County, or The Beyond?

This is a difficult question to answer. I am a fan of specific parts of all of the above, each having its own allure (and turn offs, as well!), but I think my preference is the beyond.

The City: I hate the traffic. I hate trying to get to a specific location via 10 different streets that are all one way. I do love the City Museum and the interesting eateries. The arch is neat once, the zoo is okay (and free!), and Forest Park is always a good time.

The County: I hate the traffic in the county at least as much, if not more so, than the city. The shopping is great in the county, as everything is in relatively close proximity. I love the quiet and (if you have descent neighbors or a tall privacy fence) serenity of a backyard.

The Beyond: It is a long drive to get to most of the good places to visit; however, many locations can be a day trip. Some of my favorite places to drive to out in the great “beyond” St. Louis are: Elephant Rock State Park, Millstream Gardens, Meramec Caverns, Lake of the Ozarks (a weekend trip), any winery in Augusta, the winery in a cave in St. Genevieve, the home of the “throwed rolls” restaurant just the other side of Cape Girardeau, or any where along the Black River in Lesterville (which is crystal clear for anyone who’s never been or heard of it) floating in the river. I am certain there are many more interesting things in the “beyond”, but these are some of my fave’s.


Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls Rock!

I am scheduling this post on 21 December 2007 because I will be traveling.

Have a great Christmas everyone!

Well, we are heading to the airport soon enough.  The fuzzy kids are all accounted for and probably don’t miss us nearly as much as we (meaning me) miss them.

I have prepared a little something with which to bid you all farewell and a Happy Holiday season.  It is a little recording I made of me singing two of my favorite Christmas songs.

I will try to update as much as I am able to while I am traveling during the next month, so keep checking in and I will try not to disappoint.

This is the first song, it is titled “Carol of the B Doos” and is what I walk around singing to my cat.  Clearly, it is a parody so bear with me and get a chuckle:


The second song is my rendition of O Holy Night, my favorite Christmas carol of all.  I have a head cold, which is a fact more than an excuse or apology, so it may not be my best voice but it is still my voice.  I thought I would do something unlike myself, I will not apologize for the quality of the recording or my voice.  So here it is, enjoy:


All my Christmas spirit is gone and I didn’t have that much to begin with.

I will get recharged when we arrive in St. Louis, but until then I am just a broken-hearted mess. I dropped my puppies off this morning and I had to take them on the ferry. I really hate taking them in public here because as we walk (leashed) toward the ferry, all the while my dogs’ tails are working overtime, people are so frightened of them that they physically are taken aback by their mere presence. My dogs are so ridiculously non-imposing and kind-eyed and they are wagging their tails with their ears laid back. This is not menacing behavior.

This is an area that is allegedly “dog-friendly”, but the bottom line is that we live in Asia and, generally speaking, Asian people do not like dogs. I get sick and tired of seeing people react with fear and throwing their hands up and shrinking back away from my dogs, even running or jumping away from them sometimes, when my dog comes within 6 feet of them. They are leashed, they are not growling and many times are not even showing interest. How is it that so many people can be so uneducated about animal behavior? It isn’t against their religion, so therefore I cannot comprehend what the problem is other than being uninformed and closed-minded. It is common sense that acting out in fear is a good way to get a dogs attention and sometimes even bring about negative attention from a dog that otherwise couldn’t give a rats ass that you exist, much less that you are taking in oxygen.

I really do hate that about living here. In the U.S., when I take my dogs in public (like the park or PetsMart), no one even notices them unless they want to approach them. I miss that. I get sick of worrying that one false move and my dogs will suffer the consequence. That, given the right set of circumstances, even if my dog does not behave aggressively, they could be accused of doing harm and that alone could have consequences.

I am hormonal in addition to sleep deprived, sick and stressed, but all that aside I still just want to move home sometimes. I get homesick for my friends and family, but also for the way of life I have always known. I have less stress here, but more worries. As I type this, I have the overwhelming desire to go home for good.

Recently, my husband posted about feeling homesick and I must say that I have felt that way many times in the past 15 months living here in Hong Kong but never so much that I wanted to leave until now. I love living here, but there is no place like home and home for me is the U.S.

I think part of what brought on some of my feelings about leaving Hong Kong is that Cybr got news that a new contract was ready for him that will keep us here for two more years from now. If we don’t accept the contract we would be leaving here in less than a year. I suggested to him that we each make lists of reasons to stay in Hong Kong and reasons to return home. That way we can see in writing where we stand cumulatively before we make a decision.

Truthfully, when he told me about the contract being ready my own reaction took me by surprise. My heart hurt, my eyes stung from holding back tears, and my stomach tightened when I was expecting just the opposite. I was anticipating excitement about extending our stay, but that isn’t how my gut felt about it. I find that listening to my “gut instinct” works well for me, like intuition or something, so it was hard to ignore it.

We came, we lived, we grew as individuals and as a couple, we have taken a leap of faith and came out smelling like roses…so, is it time to go now?

I really don’t have an answer. I know that I can think of a LOT of reasons to return home at the end of the original contract date and only a couple reasons to stay here longer.

In the Loop

I am so tired. And sick. Sick and tired.

No, really. I have a cold. I am taking medication and will be feeling better upon arrival in St. Louis, that is assuming the flight doesn’t do bad things to me.

I have been busting my butt around here taking care of everything for us to be gone a long time, for the dogs care, for the cats care, for the hamsters care.  Plus just day-to-day stuff that has to be done, thinking ahead to things that will need to done when Cybr returns, taking care of my deathly ill husband when he isn’t working until midnight, and not sleeping so that he can.

There is a story to the not sleeping thing.  Burrito had the tip of his tail nipped off about a month ago and it has been healing beautifully and he is very happy with the change, showing off with his tail in the air like never before.  Until Monday night this week when the scab that had formed at the tip was falling off.  This would be good news suggesting that the healing process was nearly over, except that the scab was quite thick and had attached to one of the internal stitches. Burrito had been pulling at it and it pulled the stitch a bit, which I am sure felt strange, causing him to really have a go at it.  It got inflamed and red under the scab and I had to get an antibiotic for precautionary purposes since we are leaving on holiday.

I was told to keep him from licking and biting at it to ensure no infection would start and the only way to do that is to break out the lamp shade again.

Our big dogs (at least compared to a 4lb kitty) are terrified of the lamp shade monster and the lamp shade monster wants to be close to any and every one for comfort and sympathy.  This equates to no sleep.  All night long the dogs freak out and will trample us to get away from the lamp shade monster.  Ugh.

Cybr has been working 16(ish) hour days and was seriously ill, so I opted to lose sleep to try to save him from himself.  That is probably how I got a cold.  No sleep and working hard all day here at home.

Anyway, we are leaving in 48 hours.  The puppies are going to the dog sitter’s house tomorrow morning.  Yes, it is early but it is the only time they were available for pick up.  They moved far, far away from Discovery Bay and we don’t have a car so it had to be when they were available.  I already miss kids so much I can’t stand myself.  This is much easier on them than it is me.

I am pre-posting what I can and will try to update during our journey home for the holidays.  I did get a few new pictures uploaded to Shotsauce if you want to check them out click here.

Here is one picture to enjoy, but there are more to see:


So, I suppose I will get back to it, there is still so much to be done…Bye for now!


I just thought I would share some cute, fuzzy holiday warmth. This little guy, Mr. Perry Winkle, was in foster care and is already adopted to his new home. His new mom loves him so much and he is pretty fond of her as well. But wait, there’s more…

While his new adopted mommy picked him up from his foster family, she fell in love with an older female kitten that is a little skittish and was creating some concern of whether she would ever get a home. She, too, went home with her new family and Mr. Perry Winkle and loves her new daddy very much, they seemed to have a great bond.

Now that, my internut friends, is what I call a Merry Christmas.