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This is my new toy. Hello Kitty Chinese zodiac characters. They are so cute! I couldn’t resist.

I did some temp work for Cybr-hubby’s office manager this week. I worked at his office on Tuesday and Thursday (Wednesday was a holiday and the office was closed).

I don’t mind the work, it is always busy work and it makes the day go fast. I usually get to have lunch with my hubby, too, which is nice.

I will be going back on Saturday to help Cybr work on something that needs an extra set of hands.

In between temping, I did a photo shoot and spent time editing photos from that as well as from the DB Adoption Day. I’m tired.

Our new addition, Baron von Nom Nom Burrito, has been screaming like a baby at about 5-ish in the morning and attacking the mini blinds in our bedroom. This has kept both Cybr and I awake entirely too early and leaving us both a bit sleep deprived. This morning I got out of bed and gave him some canned food. Turns out he was hungry and as soon as he was full, he fell asleep.

I had business cards printed today…a story for another day.

Now we are off to have dinner and play Halo 3 with friends. Well, I doubt I will be playing Halo 3 – not because I wouldn’t be willing to try it, but because I think the boys will be pretty psyched about it.

Bye, for now…


I had my first moon cake and it was good. It was a Snowy Moon Cake with Strawberry and Mung Bean Paste. Don’t ask, I have no idea what I just ate.

This is not a “traditional” moon cake, but it will have to suffice for my taste. The “traditional” moon cakes are egg filled and that just doesn’t appeal to me. They have an intact salty egg yolk in them (to represent the moon) and that just makes be not want to eat it. But, I did eat a moon cake, albeit non-traditional, and moon gaze in the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in Hong Kong, aka Mooncake Festival.

This means my cybr-hubby is off work today. Yay, for him!

Hubby and I are not doing anything today. We went to the festival last year (WOW! It really has been a year since I moved here!) and it was cool to see once, but we have since made an agreement about festivals. The agreement is that festivals here are so crowded that it takes the fun out of it, so no more festivals.

Seriously, I have for the first time in my life seen mobs of people so thick that they move as one unit and are dangerous. I have seen little children being crushed and screaming for their parents to pick them up…it is really that crowded. I cannot see over the heads of those in the crowd, so it is going through all of that only to see what my camera picks up from random shots taken over my head. Did I mention how hot it is in these crowds? Oh, it’s hot. There is no way not to sweat profusely while moving in the crowd, trust me you can smell the B.O of at least a hundred bodies.

So, no festival for us today but a little R and R. And maybe a movie later, if we can get in. It is a popular day for going to the movies.

A pleasantly successful Discovery Bay Adoption Day in photos:








These are the babies that didn’t adopt and there are always more animals in need of good homes.
If you are interested in adopting and live in Hong Kong, please leave a comment with contact info and I will put you in contact with the P.A.L.S. coordinator for adoption details.

For everyone else, go ahead and “awwww” at the cuteness. I was in fuzzy cuteness heaven this past Saturday with so many cuddly, beautiful animals needing attention. Enjoy the photos!

Pictures of the DB Adoption Day coming soon…

We didn’t do much else this weekend besides DB Adoption Day. I really don’t remember what we did Friday night. Saturday I did the Adoption Day stuff and managed to sweat a lot while helping the fuzzy babies. I offered to pick up a donated cage from the other side of Disco Bay (DB) for the P.A.L.S. organization with the use of a friends’ golf cart. I was told that it was a one person job, but that information was not exactly accurate. It was a HUGE cage and required several trips to the 22nd floor of a residential building. At least I got my work out! I picked up Cybr-hubby on my way to drop it off and he helped me take it to the 10th floor of another building nearby our home. I did enjoy driving the golf cart, it is the closest thing to driving a car in Disco Bay. I took Chini with me so she could go bye-bye, which is one thing she clearly misses from being in the U.S.

Let’s see…We did nothing Saturday night except hang around at home, watch a movie and prep my camera for a photo shoot on Sunday morning.

I had a family portrait shoot set up for Sunday morning at the park and when I woke up it was pouring rain with a Typhoon 1 warning hoisted. AAGGHH!! It has been beautiful for weeks and then it rains on the ONE DAY I need sunshine! But, the family was okay with trying some indoor photos and clearly understood that none of us could control the weather. The shoot went pretty well, although the cloudiness made for crappy lighting. I got several really good shots.  All was well until I got home and put my memory card into the card reader only to realize that a little prong from the reader broke off inside my memory card!! NOOOOOOO!!!! I freaked out and my wonderful Cybr-hubby saved the day. He is good for that.

Later that same day we did go to Ikea and purchase a few things for our flat on Sunday afternoon and we ate at Outback since it is next door to Ikea. We don’t eat like that very much not that we live in HK, of course we really didn’t eat at Outback much in the U.S. either. Not so much because my husband didn’t suggest it every once in a while, but because I started boycotting Outback years ago when they removed the Tawoomba Pasta from their regular menu (this applies to the Mid-West U.S., in case someone still has it on their menu). It was the only thing I liked there and (of course!) they stop serving it. BAH! That frequently happens to me.

That, my friends, was my über-exciting weekend in Disco Bay, HK. Or not.

Saturday is Animal Adoption Day in Discovery Bay. There will be an adoption fair from 10-12 on Saturday, September 22nd at DBIS (Discovery Bay International School).

I will be there helping out and I hope to see some of you there. I was planning of taking my little foster children there for adoption, but there was a change in plans this week after finding them homes. I am actually glad it worked out this way, the little Witchy girl would have been very scared having people wander around looking at her and making all sorts of noise. Also, I will be more help while not having my own fuzzy babies there, as they would have been my main concern since I was attached to them.

I took a few pictures of my friends’ cats yesterday and I think they turned out pretty nice. One of her babies was very scared and the other is quite a character. We had several prints made and then went to Central to a frame shop to have them framed.  While we were there we did some shopping at Goods of Desire, which my hubby has a funny story about, and Gateway which is the closest thing to Costco or Sams that there is in Hong Kong (but it really doesn’t compare to much more than about half of the women’s bathroom at a either Costco or Sams).

I am having joint pain and shin splints bad enough that I did not go to my fitness class this week. Instead, I called the instructor to see about getting one-on-one training with less impact. I enjoy the workouts, but not the excruciating pain that comes afterward. Not muscle pain, that actually feels good like I accomplished something…I am talking about numbness in my right leg and my knee grinding every time I take a step, not to mention the sharp pains in my shins and heels. No more running or jumping for me, at least not for a while. This is the shit that makes it hard for me to lose weight.

This weekend we have a number of things we could/will do…hang out with friends while eating and bowling, hike to Mui Wo with another group of friends, Animal Adoption Day, see a movie, go toIkea, get a tattoo, and I will photograph a family that lives nearby on Sunday morning.

I will have to update you with what really happens around here this weekend at a later time….

We have officially homed the little Burrito Man, too. All foster fuzzies have homes. And good ones, too!

Yes, the Baby Burrito has the best.home.ever.
I know this to be true, because he has our home and our home is ruled by the fuzzy children.

Welcome home, Burrito Head, you’ve been here all along…

We are now a family of seven. My husband, myself, Francois, Chini, Guinness, Pixel, and Burrito…in order by age.




She has a home. She has a good home with good people. I am so happy and a little sad. I will miss her sweetness, her squishiness, and her funny squeaky meow. I will miss how at certain times she behaves in a mischievous manner that makes the song “Witchy Woman” run through my head so that I sing it aloud to her. Damn those Eagles!

I wish her happiness, love, health and comfort. It is a far cry from whence she came and she deserves the best.

Good-bye little baby girl and best of luck in your new home. You have been loved all along…


I have always had the inclination that if I were to pick up a violin, then I would just be able to play it. I did this with the piano when I was about 4 yrs old, so this never seemed odd to me.

I have never, in all my life actually picked up a violin until January of this year. Turns out, I was right. I did need someone to tell me how to properly hold it and how to prep the bow. Oh, and I did need sheet music – but I can play it!

I think I may have been a musician in a past life. It just came with me into this one. If that is how it works, after all.

The violin and the lessons were my Christmas present (2006) from Cybr. I really wanted to give it a shot while I have (had) extra time on my hands so that someday I don’t look back at my life and regret not trying it. I took my first lesson in January or February, can’t remember. The instructor, who is so very talented, plays about 6 instruments very well, has conducted, and composes music. She is awesome. The first thing she did was show me how to care for my violin, how to prep the bow and how to hold it. At this first lesson, she also taught me ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. She was very pleased that I could play them before she finished writing the music into my book.

She has said from the beginning that I am a natural and really feel the music. Even though I am paying her, I do still believe her. She jumped ahead from Mary and Twinkle, Twinkle to more complicated music…Yay, ME!  Don’t get me wrong, I am only playing at the skill level of about a level 5 student which clearly isn’t much better than a beginner, but I do play with feeling and accuracy of tone.

So, currently, my repertoire includes:

  1. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  2. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  3. Happy Birthday Song
  4. Home, Sweet Home
  5. Jingle Bells
  6. Deck the Halls
  7. The Can-Can (Orpheus in the Underworld)
  8. Spring
  9. Love Story
  10. It’s A Small World
  11. Auld Lang Syne
  12. Greensleeves
  13. Love Me Tender

I recently stopped taking lessons at the beginning of September. My package of lessons came to an end and I have too much going on right now to continue. I may go back for more, I may not. I haven’t decided yet, I figure I will see where I am at with it later this year. I can read sheet music, so I may just continue on my own.

The important thing is that I did something I always wanted to do while I had the time to do it.