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Archive for May, 2007

My day was far from ordinary.

I awoke to find that our power had gone out last night due to storms. This is the first time that has happened since we have been living here. This was not too big a deal, except that it caused our main a/c unit to shut down and it gets warm in here rather quickly.

I learned where our circuit breakers are located today. The power outage had just thrown a breaker, so it was an easy fix to get it running again. As soon as I located the circuit breakers, then it was easy.

I did escape from home for a while to get groceries for dinner. While I was out, I decided to take a little “me” time and have a latte and just relax. This would have been great if the lady next to me hadn’t been continually mumbling the same thing to herself over and over again while intermittently burping. Talk about distracting, holy crap! Seriously, all I want to do for about 30 minutes of my day today is relax, flip through a trash magazine, and sip a freaking latte! How in the hell can I do that with some crazy burping lady distracting me?!?

 Anyway, I am feeling much better now…

I came home, unloaded groceries and then stripped down into my underpants for some serious relaxing fun. I shaved Chini! WooHoo! Now that is some naked fun!

Then I gave both Chini and Guinness baths so they won’t stink anymore. They are such icky puppies.

Okay, some of you may be wondering why I feel it necessary to get mostly naked to shave and bathe my dog(s)…I have a very logical, unsexy explanation, of course. It is to avoid all the little sharp hairs that I shave off getting into my clothes and ultimately my skin. Little sharp hairs hurt and they don’t wash out of clothes very well either.  So, what ends up happening is that a week from now I wear the same bra and spend all day digging and picking at my bra trying to find what is poking my boob.

Now you know. Whether you wanted to or not.

And I did it all by myself.

This is my first attempt to do anything with Flash, so bear with me. I drew it on paper and then recreated it in Flash. I am very proud of myself, even if those of you who know Flash well think I need a lot more practice. I am of the opinion that it’s not too bad for my first time.

Anyway, I wanted my own logo as opposed to the picture of Earth that was already at the top left of this blog template…so there you have it and there you are.

I am attempting a different logo and then you guys out there in internut land can tell me which you like better.

Go, me! I rule!

Picture Day!

This building is in the Central District of Hong Kong Island.sky1.jpg

I was just reading this article and thought the following:

  1. When I was in high school, I had a blow-off class that was titled “Science Fiction”. It was the most fun blow-off class I have ever taken. The teacher was walrus-y in appearance and when I think back (knowing things I did not know then), it occurs to me that a man that shows movies with relatively explicit sex scenes to minor age children probably has some perverse ulterior motive in doing so…that having been said, we watched Clan of the Cave Bear in that class and were given, by the same teacher, the recommended read of the entire series of books that the movie was based on. Seriously, if you have ever seen this movie, then you know that it had a couple relatively explicit sex scenes (definitely enough to be memorable to the entire SciFi class of 15 -17 year olds).
  2. That having been said…Ewww, creepy teacher.
  3. Also, great series of books by Jean M. Auel. Now that is some seriously SciFi Erotica-y goodness.
  4. If my junior high school aged child was shown Brokeback Mountain without my consent, it would piss me off, too.
  5. Not enough to sue, just enough to file a complaint with the school board.
  6. I haven’t seen Brokeback Mountain beyond twenty minutes on an edited channel, so all I know is that ‘R’ Rated flicks require a parental consent. I don’t know how sexually explicit it actually is…although I do intend to find out.
  7. I am of the opinion that the lawsuit is for the wrong reasons, suggesting that the guardians don’t want their child to be exposed to “gay” sex. That seems a bit homophobic to me and tends to lose some credibility, whereas simply stating that they don’t want their child exposed to ‘R’ rated films or sexually explicit films just seems more credible.
  8. I do believe that the teacher had no right to show an ‘R’ rated film without the consent of everyone’s parents/guardians simply based on the rating of the film. This person should know better, seriously. As if teenagers can keep a secret. Duh.
  9. I must say that during the twenty minutes I did see of the film, I thought it was amusing that there was the continual sound of sheep baa-ing in the background. Poor sheep.
  10. Disclosure: I am in no way anti-gay.I support whatever the hell anyone wants to do with their sexuality and the right for them to do it, as long as it is consensual. Not to mention, I really don’t believe that the baa-ing of the sheep represent that sheep fucking is specifically a gay thing. I think that sheep fucking is just for all around sick bastards (be them gay or straight!) that should be locked up with all other animal fuckers (but without any animals, obviously).

I saw a puppy get run over by a bus tonight.

It was horrible and so sad. The puppy was being fostered until it received a home. Now it will never have a home. Two of his litter mates witnessed it happen and they were sad, too.

What a crappy night. *sigh*

Hello world!

This is my first post on! Yay!

I will be attempting to transfer the contents of francisthecat from blogger to here and will eventually be abandoning my blogger site.

By the way, since I am not the cat I suppose that makes me the muse…or does it? I did always want my name to be Kitty…

**FYI, The posts I am transferring from Blogger need some serious edits…but that takes time, more time than I have right now. I will get to it as soon as I can, sorry for the crappy layout.

and adventures in how to be a bad mom.

Here he is, all grown up…my little Pixelator:

I accidentally dropped Pixel into a bowl of water that was soaking in the kitchen sink. I have read that it is not healthy for hamsters to be wet or bathed, as it can kill them if they catch a chill. That having been said, I do NOT recommend dropping your hamster into a bowl of water.

I feel the need to explain myself, so you all should know I was just cleaning his exercise ball and he was running around on my shoulders. He speeds up the longer he is out and he managed to run down my arm and for safety reasons I allowed him on the counter top with the intention of putting him back on my shoulder. Before I could grab him, he slipped on the stainless steel edge of the sink and plopped right into the bowl of water. Ooops.

So, I searched what to do if your hamster gets wet and found that you should use a hairdryer on him on a cool setting with about a foot of space between the hamster and the hairdryer.

FYI, it takes a very long time to dry a hamster with this method.

Another time, I accidentally went to bed after handling him and forgot to close the door to his cage. At about 4 am, Francois (my cat) was frantically trying to wake me and I chose to ignore him. He was apparently trying to wake me to inform me that Pixel had escaped and was cruising around our flat.

I didn’t know this until I awoke around 7 am, at which time the search party began. We weren’t entirely sure if Francois would eat him or not, but it turns out that he just isn’t all that hungry. We didn’t find him that morning, so I put hamster food all around in places I thought he could be hiding in hopes of coaxing him out.

No such luck, but Francois did lead Cybr to where Pixel was hiding and we recovered him intact.

Bonus that he was still alive, I felt like crap already.

So, that should sum up how NOT to care for your hamster! Any questions?

P.S. At least I haven’t dropped him three or four times like his dad has done!

I forgot to mention something about our upcoming honeymoon to Koh Yao, Thailand that I find very interesting…

We first fly from Hong Kong to Phuket, Thailand and then from Phuket we will be taking a SEA PLANE for a 45 minute flight to Koh Yao.

I think this is SO FREAKING COOL! A sea plane. I have never been on one and always wanted to. We were told to have our cameras ready for the flight, the views we will see while on the sea plane are supposed to be awesome.

Just another added bonus, we are so psyched about this trip.

Today is Buddha’s birthday. It is also a public holiday here (yea!).

We decided to join in the first day of celebration for Buddha’s B-day by attending the Bun Festival. I have some pictures and a better description that I will update very soon.

For now, I am extremely sunburned despite all attempts to keep sunblock on. I used to be so tan back in the day, but now that I have been anti-tanning for nearly a decade I am officially very white. Unless I spend the better part of a day in the sun and sweating off all sunblock. Then I am red. I do have an interesting pattern between my shoulders, it looks just like Mexico. Kinda weird, but true. It is uncanny!

Anyway, after I sleep for a bit, I will continue to update this post on Buddha’s Big Birthday Bash

I’m baaa-aack!

This is the harbor at Cheung Chau where the first day of celebration for Buddha’s B-day begins.This is the main street facing the harbor, near the ferry pier and also a major parade route where the bun climbers run through to climb the tower of buns. It is the Parade of Bun Festival, after all! We missed the actual climb, but that was okay…it was so hot!
This after alighting from the ferry, there is crowd control for all the gazillion people trying to see the parade of buns…it was absolutely crazy.
This is one of many dragon dancers in the parade. There was a marching band, banners, dragons, kids all painted up in tradition make-up and wardrobe and balancing on these three prong platforms.
These are the buns that are on the tower, they are filled with something unidentifiable and you can purchase them. We weren’t certain at first if they were edible or not and even if they were if it would be offensive to actually eat it!
In addition to the parade, there were a lot of ambulances going through due the intense heat. Apparently, people were passing out left and right, which it was definitely hot enough for that. Notice how small the ambulance is, people are as tall as it is and it isn’t that long either. I doubt Cybr would fit in it lengthwise.
Ahhh, the perfect ending to a miserably hot day.

I saw a small boy today, maybe 3 or 4 yrs old, urinating into a clear plastic bag that his mother was holding for him. Something like a ziploc bag, approximately quart size.

I know that perhaps we could color this scenario a variety of ways. Maybe a bladder urgency, maybe a physical illness, maybe a thousand different reasons that this wouldn’t be strange…

However, this was taking place in a shopping mall about 5 feet in front of a public toilet.

Seriously, this is a very odd thing to see. I double took. So did everyone else, there was a people traffic jam caused by the mass confusion it caused all the passers-by.