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Archive for March, 2007

UPDATE: We made it in one piece! YAY! FYI…IHOP no longer has Griddle Cakes…*sigh*

We are headed home for a couple weeks.

Chini and Guinness are at the sitters. Francois and Pixel are being cared for by our neighbor. I am going to be worried sick about them, although they are in good hands. I miss them so much already.

We are excited to see everyone. We are making the whirlwind tour to visit all of our family members and as many friends as we can. We will be exhausted, but it is worth it.

I am interested to see if after this trip to St. Louis, “home” will remain St. Louis or if “home” will come to mean Hong Kong for us. As it is, we both still refer to home as going home to St. Louis. I am curious if being away from HK and away from our fuzzy children will change our perspective on that…We will see soon enough!

We are going to have a Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving/Birthday dinner with all of our families.

We will inevitably be eating a lot…

Hopefully we get to have IHOP while we are home…Mmmm…IHOP…..Mmmmm…griddle cakes.

That can’t be good!

I am sure they will be fine, it is me who will be worried sick.

Little do they know, as Chini and Guinness prepare to take a ride in the back of a mini bus they will be saying good-bye to their mom and dad for two whole weeks. When they figure it out, they are gonna be pissed! Trust me, we will hear all about it when we return.

Q3 – Who will be watching the furry babies while you are in the States?-Ruff Ruffman

Dear RR,
The kids will be staying with the local in home dog-sitter close to our flat here in Discovery Bay. He takes dogs into his home to stay as long as they are social and friendly with other dogs. It is a much better alternative than kenneling. They can play and go in and out. Andrew takes them for walks four times per day. It is a good place for our kids.

Yet I still worry about them and already miss the hell out of them…

The kids waiting to board the mini bus.

Mae really wants a picture of our view and I have seriously been trying to get a halfway decent shot of it.

The big delay has been fog/haziness during the early winter, the scaffolding/mesh netting that was erected around our building for construction, and now back to fog/haziness. Hehe, I said erected.

Now I am going to be in the States for three weeks, so there’s the next delay.

I swear I will do this. I will get a picture during visibility, if it drives me crazy(er) trying!