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Here’s my little superstar sporting her Hollywood look:

hollywood kira-sm

We need to get the pantry doors repaired so that they will close while it will only cost about $50 and some time.

If we wait much longer, it will end up costing us about $3000 (give or take).  The major difference in cost will simply be because of the surgical veterinary bills we will soon incur due to my stoopid cat, Burrito, eating all the plastic off the case of water.

He isn’t always stoopid, but he is eating plastic.  It’s either that or a vitamin deficiency, which I’m not betting on. He’s lucky we love him.


Kira would not settle down last night so I went into her room and caught a whiff of what could have been poop.  I smelled her diaper and didn’t get any definite readings but couldn’t just leave her in a poopy diaper, if indeed that was the problem keeping her from drifting off to sleepy-town, and didn’t want to pick her up and engage her if it wasn’t necessary.

So, I did what thousands of mothers (and-edited to add based on my comments- father’s!) have done before me…I used my finger to pull aside the edge of her diaper.

I retracted said finger covered with green poop.  And lots of it.

Oh, I would say…she was ripe.

Onto the Wordless Wednesday portion of my poopy post, where in the spirit of Wordlessness…I shall shut up and just post the damn picture!


Nursery Decor

I have finally completed Kira’s nursery.  I really hoped we would be able to complete it before she was born, especially when I was sent home from a final ultrasound and an entire weekend before I was scheduled to be induced into labor.

Since my water broke about 10 minutes after I got home from that appointment, it just wasn’t going to happen! That’s just the way it goes when you move halfway around the world and into a new house right before you have a baby.

So, we are finally getting to a place as parents where we can get stuff done.  Kira had a Easter sleep over at her grammy and papa’s house so we could do more painting in her room without her losing brain cells from huffing.  If she is going to huff chemicals, she will have to do that on her own time ’cause I will certainly NOT be her enabler.  That is a whole other story that ends with rehab, so let’s not go there..

Anyway…Here is the end result:


The hanging picture is an ultrasound picture of her where she is visibly smiling a big, Cheshire grin with a signed matte around it.


The pattern over the dresser has newborn pictures of Kira, myself and Cybr and then slightly older baby pictures of the three of us.

I drew the shapes on the wall using a straight-edge level, free-handed the circles, and painted them all free-hand…I don’t have the patience for taping.  Oddly, I do have the patience to paint free-handed.  Hmm…

So, here it is in all of its completed glory!

Made In Hong Kong.


Kira being pulled from my body.



I took this shot of Central at night from Ocean Terminal in TST, Kowloon.


This is no accident.  Chini makes the pillows suit her comfort every single day.