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I wanted to share with you this innovative, crafty, homemade thingy I made for Kira that she absolutely LOVES with a capital V.

It is quite simply a plastic juice jug, sans juice.  I filled it a bit more than half full of water (see how optimistic I can be? harhar) and added little foam dolphins and starfish to make glittery, floaty bits.

She likes to look at the little glittery, floaty bits when I sit her in front of the jug.  Sitting there holding on to it trying to look at the glittery, floaty bits (all the while keeping a hand behind her in case she loses her balance) she holds on to the jug and chews on the cap.  While this is entertaining to her, it also is bottom-heavy, thus helping keep her from falling over, teaching her balance and strengthening her torso.

Now, it must work because my 6 month and 1 week old child has been sitting up unsupported for about 3 weeks now, maybe 4.    So, if you are thinking along the lines of, “oh, my! how could she let her child chew on plastic that isn’t BPA free!?”, then allow me to respond with:  I’ve already heard this.  We don’t microwave the plastic jug, we don’t set it out in the sun to get sun microwaves, so we aren’t overly concerned.  Get over it.

Also, let me add a disclaimer:  If you were to copy this idea, which I would recommend because it really does work, I would recommend taping down the cap with a non-toxic tape so that water can’t spill out accidentally while you child may be chewing on the cap.  Maybe something like bandage adhesive.  I don’t know what you should use, just make sure it isn’t toxic like duct tape.  If you let your kid chew on duct tape then the survival of the fittest rule applies and I cannot help you, in fact no one probably can.



I took this shot of Central at night from Ocean Terminal in TST, Kowloon.

I may have mentioned a long time ago that I (and ‘I’ really means Cybr did all the technical bits) was reconstructing (my photography site)…

Well, that task has finally been completed.  Mostly.

And mostly is good enough for me.  I hated the Coppermine layout (I would insert a link here so you could familiarize yourself, if not already, but it is SOOOO NOT WORTH IT!) I had before and now I think it looks better and is much more user-friendly than before.  Plus, I can eventually make it so that customers can log on to view their photos, maybe.  That is really a long way off, especially since at some point I am not going to be physically capable of taking photos due to my giant belly.

So, if you have a moment to spare, go check out some of my photos and the new digs at

Overlooking Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, with Victoria Harbor in between, at night from The Peak:


By the way, I took this without a tripod (or any pod).  I truly have the hands of a surgeon…that and I nearly passed out from holding my breath for so long.

“The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand.”
~Frederic Lawrence Knowles


Night shot taken from Lantau Island overlooking Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

Check out the Tokidoki collection I am accumulating!


I seriously cannot resist these bags, they are really cute.  I have already worn one out (not shown) and I have these three.  Of course, I saw  one today that I LOVE! but it was on someone’s back, so unless I see it again (not likely) in a shop or stall for sale then I suppose I am SOL.

I am sure there will be more…

I purchased a Tokidoki bag for both of my nieces but I have no idea if they really liked them or even knew they had a name, well the design has a name.  We also brought one back to the U.S.  for a friend of ours and she loved it.

They haven’t been crazy-popular in the U.S., at least not like they are here in Hong Kong, but I did notice something similar in design at Wal-Mart.  I am assuming it is an off-brand, but I didn’t look closely.  The ones here may be fake (of course, you can get the real thing too — but fakes are on every street market and ridiculously cheap), but the fabric is the real stuff as is the design.  The fake bags use leftover fabric, fabric stolen from the manufacturers, and seconds/mis-prints.

This (the fakes) is not my problem, but the bags sure are cute.


I learned to knit while on holiday in the U.S.

This was my first attempt, not too bad.


Only one mistake leaving a little hole. Not, too bad for my first time.


This was my second attempt, at which I was successful!! Yay, me!  I was having trouble finding a way to display it for a photo, then Burrito decided to help.  It was voluntary help, I swear!!


Do you like my pretty new bag?  It makes a very stylish way to keep my knitting goodies.