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Taken from NoMiniVan:

Random / Weird facts about me
5.) My appendix was removed in 2006. It was attached to my hip joint and endometriosis was the glue.

4.) I adore Bette Midler. Absolutely love her and her music, she is such a talent. Yes, it may make me a big dork, but there are so many things that contribute to that fact that this one is minute in comparison.

3.) I spent a lot of time visiting emergency rooms in my youth (I was frequently injured)…although I was always more fond of visiting public toilets (this is just pure curiosity).

2.) I swallowed 6 thumbtacks when I was a kid and to this day have no idea if they still linger within…I was 15 years old.

1.) If you think the thumbtack thing is weird, I was stabbed with a pencil (accidentally) at age16.  It broke off about three inches into my body, in between two ribs…I didn’t notice for a little over an hour.  Due to the healing the body does in an hour plus, I had to be cut open in order to remove the wood.  The lead (graphite) was never located, but eventually surfaced underneath the scars of my stitches.

5 Places I want to see or see again
5.) Australia. Anywhere in Australia, really, as long as I get to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

4.) Iceland…

3.) Africa for a safari.

2.) Alaska while it is constantly daylight…or maybe darkness.

1.) I’d go back to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico anytime…it was beautiful

A Christmas meme stolen from Karaoke Diva:

Here are the questions (feel free to substitute the winter holiday of your choice & to add questions):

1. What was the best Christmas present you got as a kid?
A kitten that I named K.C. Barie Free to a good home and like the wind
2. What was the best Christmas present you got as an adult?
Francis. He was to me and from me.
3. What’s your favorite Christmas carol?
O Holy Night
4. How long can you stand to listen to Christmas music before you break?
From Thanksgiving until Christmas…about the week after Christmas I start driving myself crazy every time I sing/hum one.
5. How many Christmas albums do you own?
Two CD’s and many, many MP3′s.  Anne Murray’s Christmas album is my favorite
6. Did you ever go caroling as a kid?
Yes, from the age of 14 until I was out of high school.  I led a group of teenaged carolers through nursing homes, special needs centers, and cancer wards of hospitals.  It was the most incredible experience for me, especially during my teenage years.  I experienced more than one miracle (in my opinion) during those carols.  I had one woman find the will to live and hold me and hug me while telling me I was an angel sent to answer her prayers and she knew she would be okay because we came caroling for her.  I had a mentally challenged person in a home clothesline tackle my side of our choir group while caroling, which changed my thinking a lot.  I had numerous elderly persons beg me for help and tell me how much I looked like their daughter or granddaughter and I tried to help each one as best as I could before we left. It left an imprint on my soul no matter how corny that sounds.
7. Would you willingly eat fruitcake?
No chance.
8. Do you own any Christmas sweaters?
9. Do you own any Christmas jewelry?
I used to wear jingle bell earrings and necklace with a reindeer antler headband every year, but I have since lost those items in my hundred or so moves over the years.
10. Do you wear them?
I would if I still had them. I think I will try to find some new ones, maybe that is what my Christmas spirit needs…tack jewelry
11. Did your family have any weird Christmas traditions?
Not really.
12. Do you buy Christmas presents for your pets?
Every year.
13. What’s your favorite Christmas cookie?
iced sugar cookies
14. What’s your favorite Christmas candy?
fudge. good fudge. and mint M&M’s
15. What’s your stocking look like?
Don’t have one anymore
16. How do you feel about the “Steal from Your Neighbor” Christmas present game (the one where people pick gifts from a pile, but others get to steal it)?
Meh.  I don’t care for it.
17. What is the oldest ornament on your tree?
I can’t remember. All my ornaments are in storage right now.
18. Real or artificial?
Artificial all the way!
19. How do you feel about Christmas letters?
They are cool if it is from some one you don’t see much. I don’t care to write one.
20. Do you have Christmas decorations or lights outside your house? What are they?
Not usually. No kids and now no home and our balcony faces the water where no one would see them.
21. How far would you drive to see Christmas lights?
Not very. If I am in the area, great, but no special trips
22. Are you a fan of tasteful or tacky?
Indoor and outdoor decor I prefer tasteful, but clothing and jewelry I say tacky is fun.
23. Garland or tinsel?
I like the look of tinsel but cats tend to eat it and once you have pulled it out of a cats  throat or ass…well, it makes garland look pretty good to you!

Meme stolen from another St. Louis Blogger-

Your full name: Michelle
Age: 32
Height: 5’0”
Natural hair color: born with dark brown, dark blonde for most of my life, crappy dirty brown now if I didn’t highlight/lowlight
Eye color: blue (various shades of blue, violet and dark grey depending on what color I wear)
Number of siblings: none
Glasses/contacts: glasses for reading
Piercings: 2 regular holes in each ear and a cartilage piercing in my left ear and a belly button ring
Tattoos: 2, although one is covered up…more to come
Braces: Twice in my life. I had a bad overbite and braces for 3 1/2 years but I had a REALLY BAD ortho and my bottom teeth got really jacked up when my wisdom teeth tried to come thru…so now I am correcting that with Invisalign.

Color: so many…blue, purple, orange, grey, black, brown
Singer: Tori Amos
Song: Bittersweet Symphony
Video game – Katamari Damacy
TV show – Friends
Movie – What Dreams May Come
Book – so many…I’ll choose Time Traveler’s Wife
Food – chicken burrito with cheese sauce at El Maguey
Game on a cell phone – I don’t play them
CD cover – Tori Amos, Little Earthquakes…very phallic
Flower – peruvian lillies
Scent – vanilla
Animal – dolphin, cat, dog, tiger, panda, I could go on…
Cereal – Quaker Oatmeal Squares
Website – (you are here) and

Play an instrument? have played quitar, piano, and recently violin but my voice has been the most used and enjoyed instrument for me
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week? No.
Like to sing? Yes
Have a job? part-time photography currently…I miss design work
Have a cell phone? yes
Like to play sports? I used to like to join in and play, but rarely get the chance
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? is my husband reading this?? hehe… of course he is, he set the site up for me.
Have a crush on someone? Francis. Yes, he is my cat. Don’t judge me.
Have any special talents/skills? I can stick my fist in my mouth.
Exercise daily? I try to but it’s hard with my back out.
Like school? I liked learning and hanging with my friends, but school…meh.
Speak any other languages? spanish, but I recently found out that I forgot a lot of it. so maybe that’s a no. I just took a Mandarin course, too, but I can’t speak that either.
Go a day without food? Not likely. I get headaches when I do that and I turn into Bitchy Bitcherson…
Roll your tongue? yes
Eat a whole pizza? There was a time when that was a distinct possibility and I had the metabolism for it as well as the stomach. Now, I would throw up long before finishing. Mmm…that makes me hungry.

Snuck out of the house? That was my specialty in jr high and high school and it got me into a LOT of trouble
Gotten lost in your city? I roll with the theory that I am never lost, just not where I had intended to be.
Been to any other countries besides the United States? Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, China
Had a serious surgery? nothing too serious.
Cried over a boy? yes
Kissed a random stranger? yes
Hugged a random stranger? all the time, I am kinda huggy like that…
Been arrested? nope…but I have been handcuffed and slammed against a cop car
Had alcohol? yes, more than my fair share
Been in love? yes
Made homemade muffins? If Betty Crocker box-o-muffin mix counts as homemade
Been to Disneyland/Disneyworld? Disney World and Hong Kong Disneyland
Been to Niagra Falls? No

Brushed your teeth? This morning
Went to the bathroom? In the past two hours
Read a book? Today
Had a party? It has been WAY too long.
Had a slumber party? Last year with my nieces. If you are paying attention, they aren’t REALLY my nieces since I have no siblings but they are my cousin’s kids and he is like a brother to me
Went to the grocery store? Today. I go everyday here in HK because there are fewer preservatives in food here and even frozen stuff can go bad easily. I shop for dinner day-to-day.

How many friends do you have? A few good friends, lots of more casual friends
What are their names? Heather, Gret, Danette, Teresa, and many more
Do you have a best friend? My bestest friends are Heather, Vince and my Dad.
Have you ever lost a friend? yes, many. several by mutiny and one by motorcycle accident
What’s the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you? oh, there are too many things to even begin to list. Friends have helped me move a gazillion times, friends give me shoulder to cry on and faith in myself
Do you miss any of your old friends? i think of them fondly sometimes, but mostly whats done is done. There are a few that I have missed greatly, but I have recently been in contact with them after a decade or more.
What friend have you known the longest? Heather
What do you think your friends think of you? I think they think I am funny, kind, loyal, and trustworthy…but that is just a guess.
Do you believe there is someone for everyone? sure, I’m a idealist
What is your idea of the best date? I can’t answer that. I have no preconceived notion, really.
Have you ever been dumped? yep
Have you ever dumped someone? yep

What is your favorite genre of music?  just about any except country and even then there are a few songs
What time is it now? 17:45 in Hong Kong, 03:48 in St. Louis
What day is it? It’s Friday now
When’s the last time you called someone? 2:00 this afternoon
Are you hungry? No
Whatcha doing?  I’m typing… duh.
If you could have any magical power what would it be? mind reading.

Sky dive? yes
Play strip poker? been there, done that
Not take a shower for a week? not unless I was physically incapable
Lie to someone to make them think better of you? maybe.
Visit a foreign country for more than a month? yes
Go scuba diving? yes
Write a book? yes
Become a rockstar? I wish!

What shampoo do you use? currently: Herbal Essences
What kind of computer do you have? Dell
How many posters do you have in your room? One, but its framed since I am not 13 yrs old.
How many cd’s do you have? Not many at all. Most of my music is MP3

So, now you know more about me than you ever wanted to!