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Dear Cybr,

I know that this past week has been extremely difficult for you.  I know that it has been a series of things going wrong and sucking very badly. 

I know that in addition to stress due to things sucking you have been saying good-bye to people you like and a place that you love.

You are doing this all alone and I know how difficult this whole process is from my own experience, but doing it alone makes it ten times worse.

As much as I empathize, I cannot help but feel elated at the thought of you arriving soon.  I cannot wait to see you.  I cannot wait to put my arms around you and hug and hold you as tight as our little brewing baby allows. 

Just the thought of your pending arrival makes my heart skip a beat.  I miss you and I love you, my bestest friend, and I look forward to the look of surprise when you see how much our child has grown.

No matter when you actually arrive (I will let you share your flight mis-adventure with the world), I will be there waiting for you with open arms…

With Love,
Your best friend and devoted wife and the little kicking machine inside me.

Last Day

This is officially my last full day in Hong Kong.  Technically, I will wake up in Hong Kong tomorrow; however, just with enough time to get cleaned up, take care of the fuzzy kids, say good-bye to Cybr and head to the airport.

I hate that I have likely been such a downer lately, but this is truly a sad event for me. No matter how I may try to mask it, it shows through me as though I were transparent.  I am really, really not good at keeping a poker face…seriously, if I think it or feel it then it will show up across my face or, in this case, in my writing.

Sorry for being a drag, but I am not good with good-byes.

I will try to keep this one short, as I still have more Hong Kong goodies up my sleeve for this blog.  You can expect more photos from Hong Kong that I haven’t had time to post and you can expect a few transitional posts that discuss life here vs. life there as I make the change.  After that, well…I will likely reformat the whole site and who knows what my musings will entail.

For now, so long Hong Kong.  I hope to see you again…