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Okay, not really.  I have none.  No motivation to post on this site or to do much of anything online.  Hell, I haven’t even been farming on Facebook for over a month and I flushed or sold all my fish on the numerous Facebook fish farms I had.  See, I am not doing anything much online at all…so it’s nothing personal to my blog.

I have to make a decision about how, where, when and if I am going to continue to post here at all…but more on that later.

For now, I really shall share a recipe!  I just made this up tonight, so if there is something similar out in the internuts already, so be it.

Stir Fry Tortellini


ground turkey, beef or chicken (or shrimp or any other meat you choose)
veggies – I chose red pepper, broccoli and fresh spinach
tri-colored cheese tortellini (I used that of the frozen persuasion)
olive oil
shredded cheese (parmesan, mozzarella, etc…you choose)

Okay.  So, I cooked the ground turkey until it is very done.  I added garlic to it while it cooked.  It was pretty lean so draining wasn’t necessary in this instance.

Meanwhile, I cut up my veggies and steamed them in the microwave because I find that it speeds up the cooking process.  I also started my tortellini boiling per the instructions on the bag.

Finally, I added the steamed broccoli and red pepper to the cooked ground turkey, poured in about 2 tsps of olive oil and a little more garlic and black pepper. I added fresh spinach, cooking for a couple of minutes until it starts to wilt.  Then I add the boiled and drained tortellini to the meat and veggies, pour on enough olive oil to coat the pasta, sprinkle the cheese on top to taste (I didn’t use much since there is cheese in the tortellini), stir and serve while its hot.

It was delicious!

Here’s what the finished product looks like and it is healthy!

stirfry tortellini2

I cooked meatballs for dinner, but I decided to try some ingredient improv so that Kira could eat them, too.  So, due to her food allergies, no eggs, no bread crumbs.

I decided that pureed peas would take the place of eggs for stickiness and wheatgerm would take the place of breadcrumbs.   That was okay, but they wouldn’t stick together so I added applesauce.

Are you grossed out yet?

Well, don’t get too grossed out because my fairly picky eater husband ate them and he liked them…hehe, even after I told him what was in them (but not until after he ate them, lol).

I have a food allergy baby on my hands.  No milk, soy, eggs, or peanut butter allowed.  It does bad things.  We know for certain the milk and soy do VERY BAD THINGS and we are under a doctor order to avoid the other things…unless we just feel sadistic enough to give it a try and see if we land in the ER.  After all the milk and soy issues, I am not willing to go there for the time being.  I like when my baby girl feels good and we have NORMAL day-to-day activities that don’t include severe skin rash, diarrhea, and projectile vomiting.  Call me crazy, if you will.

So, I would be willing to bet that any parent that has endured food allergies with their infant has experienced how FREAKING DIFFICULT it is to figure out what to feed them.  Most especially, during the transition to solid food or if, like my child, as soon as they figure out finger food and feeding themselves, they vehemently refuse ALL pureed food, anything served on a spoon and/or fed TO them by a parent.

Breakfast is, in my opinion, the most difficult meal to come up with something filling, healthy and not all sugar.

My little one will NOT accept any baby cereal, oatmeal, cream of wheat or rice.  Nada.  Won’t take it.  I kept trying and trying, but ultimately I choose not to continue that battle.  It is not worth the screaming that rings my ears and the frustrations caused to both her and I.

This led me to do a lot of Googling in hopes of discovering something more than cut fruit and Cheerios to feed my 9-12 month old…

I found a recipe for Baby Cereal Pancakes, however, the recipe contains egg yolks and milk, which my daughter cannot have.  So I started experimenting with the recipe and can finally say the the 3rd time IS IN FACT the charm.  My third batch is not only a success in that the end result actually resembles a pancake, but that my kid actually ate one and seemed to enjoy it.  WOOT!!!!!!

I thought I would share my recipe for anyone out there struggling with the same issues…I would hope that any other mommy’s out there in the blogosphere will consider doing the same (sharing!) if they happen to be dealing with food allergies and the struggle for variety and nutrition in their allergy kid’s diet.

Baby Cereal Pancakes

1/2 cup baby cereal oatmeal (or barley)
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup baby formula (or milk, soy, rice milk…whatever your child can have)
1/2 cup of applesauce
roughly 1/2 cup of apple juice to start
cinnamon, vanilla extract and/or a mashed up fruit of choice, like banana (optional)

mix all this up and add a dash of water if it is still thick, you want to add a little water or juice until the consistency will pour off the spoon or run through the slats of a fork…not like watery, but it should pour onto the skillet.

I use a non-stick skillet to avoid using butter because my child cannot have butter.  Depending on your child, you may want to use a little butter melted in the skillet or non stick spray…or whatever you do if you make normal pancakes.

Pour whatever size pancakes you want and cook until brown on bottom, then flip and brown the other side.  Low-Med. Low heat.

I make them small and add a little Karo syrup (like a drop or two) and spread it over the top or I spread a pureed fruit like apple sauce, pears…or whatever fruit you want…on top.

Good luck!

By the way, I tasted them and they actually do taste good!

I haven’t posted much lately since we have moved half-way around the world, house-hunted for weeks on end and had pregnancy complications in between.

I have recently entered the state of pregnancy that is extremely uncomfortable and exhausting as all hell.

I have been trying to manage gestational diabetes for close to a month and my fingers are tired of being stuck.

I have to pee pretty much as soon as I get done peeing…sooner if the baby is applying pressure.  I should just hang out in the bathroom.

I am seeing my doctor twice every week to monitor both myself and the baby.  Mostly the baby, as gestational diabetes involves a higher risk of still birth.

Currently the baby is 3.5 lbs. and wiggling all the time.  I think she was on a spin cycle all day Monday and oddly enough it was clockwise the entire day.

We FINALLY found a house we like and put a contract on it.  We have looked at nearly 70 homes in our price range and only liked this one house enough to put a contract on it.  I would venture a guess that our real-estate agent is annoyed with us and likely relieved that we are nearly out of his life.

I recently discovered that I will be REQUIRING nursing and sleeping bras…holy crap, I didn’t even know what a sleeping bra was for!

I also recently discovered that it gets really difficult to reach your “area” to wipe after peeing.  Nobody tells you these things about pregnancy…

I haven’t seen my fuzzy boys (Francis and Burrito) in 8 weeks.  I miss them so much I can’t stand it.  I dream of them nearly every night.  I am having withdrawal symptoms and I am so worried they won’t remember me, well at least that Burrito won’t remember…I am pretty sure Francis will remember, he will just be mad.

I have severe leg/back pain every day and night.

I have two baby showers coming up and I can’t wait!  It will be great to see everyone AND I get to have cake since I have been on this no sugar/low carb/restricted calorie diet for almost a month.  Yay!  Cake! 

If I had to choose between cake or death, I would definitely choose CAKE!

In a traditional, local restaurant in Hong Kong, at least. Cybr said if he knew I was going to title this post as such, then he would have done the “big arms” reach in the photo…this is why I don’t tell him everything.

Dinner was delicious. We had dim sum and a few local dishes I had never tried. One was eel and I didn’t really get to try it. It was served in a pastry dish, resembling deep fried pizza crust. It looked delicious but the general consensus among our friends was that I should not eat eel while I am pregnant, as it is not good for the baby. This is a Chinese cultural ideal, not so much a medical concern, but I was happy to oblige.

All the other dishes were good. And spicy. Lots of red chiles. Dominique knows I like spicy food, so she ordered a lot of it. The most interesting dish was a tomato-based soup with shrimp that is served with “sizzling rice”. The sizzling rice is basically rice patties that you put into the soup and crush. It doesn’t really sizzle, but it was soooo good. I had never had anything like that before.


Enough about food…it was quite good company, too. I often think how lucky Cybr appears when he is sitting at a table FULL of women at a restaurant. The other patrons must think he is a stud, hehe. So, it was myself and Cybr (seated) and from left to right: Daisy, Rebecca and Dominique at dinner. We were there from 7 until 10 and had a very good time. I will miss them so much but they all agreed that given the chance to stop by St. Louis, they will visit with us and are welcome to stay in our home.

I took the opportunity to thank them for helping us so much and always thinking of us, especially Dominique who has really gone so far above and beyond helping to get us settled and make us comfortable here in Hong Kong. Even when we just came for a visit pre-job offer and moving here, she went by our service apartment and left us soap, shampoos, and toothbrushes in our room. She thinks of everything!

They came to dinner bearing unexpected gifts for our baby, too. I took pictures and I am going to be extremely redundant and post them both here and at my Baby Barie site, but go check it out anyway.

This is the onesie that Dominique found for us. I swear that we are having baby’s first pictures taken in this unless it just swallows her whole:


To zoom in on the print, click this thumbnail: made-in-hk2.jpg

And this is from Daisy and Rebecca, who obviously appreciate my love of all things Hello Kitty:


I was so touched by their thoughtfulness. It was so very unexpected.

Before going our separate ways, we all agreed not to say good-bye. See you later seemed more appropriate…

This is my last Friday in Hong Kong…*sigh*

Cybr and I are going out with some ladies he works with who have befriended me during our stay here for a traditional dinner.  I am looking forward to spending some time with them before I leave, as well as looking forward to the delicious food we will be eating.  Traditional meals are always better when we go with this group because they are all locals and know what is good and can communicate with the restaurant staff…when/if we go by ourselves, sometimes we don’t know what things are, what is good to order, or we can’t order from the menus if they are solely in Cantonese.

It will be a great evening, that I am certain of.  Trying to go out with a bang…well, I guess with being pregnant it is really more of a *poof*, but it is the best I can do.  If I wasn’t pregnant, then we would go out and get our drunk on at some local bars and really go out with a bang.

All that is left to do is try to make some sense out of all the crap in our office space, clean up the flat so Cybr doesn’t have to worry about it, make up the pet crates with absorbent bedding, pack all my stuff into suitcases (it is already “together”, just need to go into the suitcases but I wait because the dogs get freaked out), give Cybr a haircut, cry a whole lot, and board the plane.

Today I am tying up a few loose ends around our flat.  I got an SPCA trap cage back to Kathy (my CCCP cohort), I sucked the air out of the vacuum pack bags, I shaved the Chicken…er, yeah, that may require an explanation…it is just a figure of speech meaning I shaved our dog, Chini, who we sometimes call Chicken as a nickname (she is a chicken and she has chicken legs).

Otherwise, I am getting out of here to go hang out at the mall or do something until dinner at 7.  The neighbors are having some remodeling done and it is quite loud.  It requires loud jackhammering to get the tile off the concrete walls in these flats.  One would think that the concrete walls would block the noise, but mostly it just vibrates and reverberates through out the entire building.  It sucks.  I wish they wouldn’t have begun this project until Tuesday of next week!  Then no one would be here during working hours.

Well, I am off (in more ways than one!).  I will try to get pictures of our dinner tonight to share here and commemorate the final traditional meal for me.  See ya!

Baby update

I went to my 20 week appointment today, but I am not going to tell you the sex of the baby here…you will have to go visit Baby Barie to find out.

All went well at the exam.  I am fit to travel 23+ hours by plane.

It is unseasonably cool here today due to torrential downpours this morning and an overcast/rainy sky all day.  My fuzzy kids are getting sick of rain.  They are beginning to refuse potty time.

3+ more days in Hong Kong and counting…it makes me sad.

We ate at a favorite local eatery today and it was delicious.  We shared pork & leek dumplings and beef & spring onions in sauce.  OMG, the food there is always so good.  It is the same place in the alleyway that we went with Scrappy Sue and her hubby.  I believe they liked the food too.

I will miss that place.  I will miss all the street markets and wet markets.  I will NOT miss the sea of umbrellas slamming into your face on a crowded sidewalk if it is so much as sprinkling…UGH!, that drives me crazy.

We did it again.

We took another road trip with our friends this past Sunday.

It didn’t quite turn out the same as the previous road trip.

Our Sunday began with Cybr and I checking out the unexpected flea market at the plaza in Discovery Bay.  It was painfully hot on Sunday, so when our friends called and said, “hey, do you want to take a road trip?” we said, “sure”.

We headed into the Gold Coast area hoping to find something cool to do or see, but to no avail.  While we were there, I had to pee and ended up using my first (and hopefully last!) eastern-style port-a-potty.  You literally squat over a hole filled with the shit of the thousands that came before you.  Yuck.

From there, we headed east to Sai Kung/Clearwater Bay at which point this occurred:


A blowout.  We hit a curb.  Tire=trash.

The guys were EXTREMELY quick with the tire change and the bonus was that the spare was full-sized.

From there we just went to TST and then went our separate ways.  Our friends had a work-related dinner to attend and while they invited us to join them, we opted for Hard Rock Hong Kong for dinner.

I enjoyed the beef brisket sandwich and Cybr had a bbq burger.  It was great food.  It was a $302.50 meal, so it better have been good!  Of course, that is in HKD so it’s only about $39 US.  Still expensive for a burger and sandwich (in my opinion), but it is the price you pay to eat at Hard Rock.

We followed that up with a trip on the Star Ferry, which takes us to Central to catch yet another ferry to Discovery Bay where we catch the bus to get home.  Sounds complicated?  Not really, but it takes forever.  It would have been faster than the train, but the ferry was delayed docking  which made us miss our other ferry.

The Star Ferry has some REAL HISTORY in Hong Kong.  Check out the link if you are interested.

We left our flat twice this weekend! Yay for us!

We had dinner with friends Saturday evening at McSorley’s Ale House, where they (for the second time in some way or another) refused our cash voucher. As soon as they accept it, that will be our last visit to McSorley’s…not that it will make a noticeable difference in the cash flow if we end our patronage, it is a decision based more on principle. Dinner was fun and the company was good. We left there and went back to our friends’ flat and ordered some stuff from We also got to check out the Wii Fit game (in Japanese!), which was a riot! The soccer practice (or football if you are not American) was hilarious and we were able to watch our friend get hit in the head with shoes…that was funny. The other thing that I thought was a riot was watching Cybr do the skiing long jump — wow! my husband sure can clinch those cheeks!

Today (Sunday), it was/is absolutely gorgeous weather and we debated a few options around town, but the bottom line is that it is a beautiful day and we shouldn’t waste it indoors. So, we opted for a Ngong Ping 360 ride to check out the village of Ngong Ping and the Po Lin Monastery where the Big Buddha is located.

We shared a cable car with three young Chinese people, one of which was very pregnant. Once we passed over the harbor and began making our way over the mountain the wind picked up a bit and she began panicking a little. She was not enjoying herself and even when spoken in Cantonese, it was obvious some of the things she was saying…her panic made me a little panicky and the two of us combined was making Cybr a bit jumpy, too. We just made it to our destination when the wind began gusting hard. I was certain we were taking the bus home!

Anyway, we wandered around and walked the stairs to the Big Buddha, took many photos, saw three feral cows roaming around, petted cute puppies, and shopped a bit. It was a good time.

I did make a total ass of myself more than once, I am pretty sure. I wore a skirt today and at sea level the wind wasn’t bad, but on the mountain where the Big Buddha sits…well, my skirt was blown up more than once while I took pictures. If that isn’t bad enough, I came out of the bathroom with my skirt tucked into my underwear. I passed at least 5 people before a nice lady came running after me saying, “Your skirt, your skirt!”. Wind + squatty-potty + backpack + skirt = Michelle makes an ass of herself.  Yeah, that was nice.

Anyway, the wind died down a bit and we rode the cable car back down the mountain. Without a panicked pregnant woman, it wasn’t nearly as scary. Once we arrived in Tung Chung where the ride ends, we decided to dine out. We opted for Pizza Hut because it is sooooo opposite of what it is in the U.S. We ended up sharing baked spaghetti and a small pizza, which combined had about a pint of grease. It tasted okay, but the grease was a bit much for me. We were going to share the tiered dessert platter (yeah, a little different than in the U.S??) but we were too full and I had a bit of heartburn kicking in already.

Next stop – Watson’s to buy me some Gaviscon.

Final Stop – Home.

And that brings us up to date on our beautiful day in Hong Kong.

The moral to my story?

Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease to be amused.  ~unknown

Icy Chicken

So, I reorganized the freezer last night and a popsicle fell out.  This is what happened…


I know the photo itself isn’t great, but Chini likes to get close to the camera and it was dark…but what a funny moment this was! I had to trade her a piece of cheese for the popsicle, she wasn’t about to give it up.  Funny thing, she never broke through the plastic.

(FYI…Thursday Edition of Wordless Wednesday)