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Nursery Decor

I have finally completed Kira’s nursery.  I really hoped we would be able to complete it before she was born, especially when I was sent home from a final ultrasound and an entire weekend before I was scheduled to be induced into labor.

Since my water broke about 10 minutes after I got home from that appointment, it just wasn’t going to happen! That’s just the way it goes when you move halfway around the world and into a new house right before you have a baby.

So, we are finally getting to a place as parents where we can get stuff done.  Kira had a Easter sleep over at her grammy and papa’s house so we could do more painting in her room without her losing brain cells from huffing.  If she is going to huff chemicals, she will have to do that on her own time ’cause I will certainly NOT be her enabler.  That is a whole other story that ends with rehab, so let’s not go there..

Anyway…Here is the end result:


The hanging picture is an ultrasound picture of her where she is visibly smiling a big, Cheshire grin with a signed matte around it.


The pattern over the dresser has newborn pictures of Kira, myself and Cybr and then slightly older baby pictures of the three of us.

I drew the shapes on the wall using a straight-edge level, free-handed the circles, and painted them all free-hand…I don’t have the patience for taping.  Oddly, I do have the patience to paint free-handed.  Hmm…

So, here it is in all of its completed glory!