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Recent Reads

This summer, I have read the following books:

  1. The Sexual Life of Catherine M. star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpghalf-a-star-rating.jpg
  2. Visible Panty Line by Gretel Killeen star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpghalf-a-star-rating.jpg
  3. Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpg
  4. The Rising by Brian Keene star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpg
  5. City of the Dead by Brian Keene star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpg
  6. Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpg
  7. The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpghalf-a-star-rating.jpg
  8. Night by Elie Weisel star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpg
  9. Behind Closed Doors by Jenny Tomlin star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpghalf-a-star-rating.jpg
  10. The Best Friends Guide to Pregnancy star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpghalf-a-star-rating.jpg
  11. A Brother’s Journey by Richard Pelzer star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpg
  12. Sickened by Julie Gregory star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpg
  13. Ghost Girl by Torey Hayden star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpghalf-a-star-rating.jpg
  14. The Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpg
  15. My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpg
  16. My Psychic Journey by Chris Dufresne star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpghalf-a-star-rating.jpg
  17. For One More Day by Mitch Album star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpg
  18. The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpg
  19. In the Wake of the Plague: The Black Death and the World It Made by Norman Cantor star-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpgstar-rating.jpghalf-a-star-rating.jpg

This list is all I can think of, at least right now. I have been reading a lot and then in the past month I have hardly read anything. I go through phases like that or so it would seem. I have been spending my reading time playing my DS Lite.

I have rated all of them of a five-star-being-the-best system. I would recommend any of them with four or more stars and even some of the lower rated books were good in their own way, they simply didn’t drag me into the story and keep me there.

OMG!! This template I am using does weird things to my stars for no good reason, there isn’t anything in the code to make them all so annoyingly white outlined. Both me and cybrhubby tried to fix it, to no avail and I am bored with trying now. Sorry it looks so weird.