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Today was Kira’s 1st Birthday party.  It was such a great success.  Family and friends visiting, cupcakes (both allergy-free and regular!), Kira playing outside with other kids and seeing her surrounded by love.  She was also fairly responsive to her gifts, which everyone so generously brought for her.  She didn’t have much interest in opening her gifts, but she sure did enjoy them once they were opened. She grabbed an Elmo and ran, grabbed a baby and hugged her, and danced to a musical puppy.

As much as this is a celebration of Kira’s first year of life, it is also more than that.  It is a celebration of being a family for a year, for Kira’s amazing growth physically and mentally this past year, for all of us surviving each other for a year.  It really has been an amazing year.  Trying and difficult, wonderful and joyful, endearing and educational.  I have grown as much, possibly more, as Kira has this past year but in a different way.

I am a better person.  More aware of others, of myself, more patient and I have an entirely different perspective on love than ever before.

I have Kira, my love, to thank for all that.  I thank her for this most wonderful year and for her most wonderful self.

Happy 1st Birthday Party, Kira Barie!!

Well, I’m another year older, which seems to be the only option each year when my birthday rolls around.

Thanks to everyone who has/will leave a birthday wish for me!  It is nice to hear all your birthday wishes since I am celebrating a birthday whilst my husband is halfway around the world.

I intend to spend my special day doing a load of laundry or two, cleaning a bathroom, putting dishes away, taking a nap and having dinner with my Dad…it isn’t much, but it sounds good to me.

I got my birthday present from Cybr a couple of months ago (and I love it!!!) so maybe I will go buy myself some maternity underpants for my birthday, hehe.

By the way, this is my early b-day present from Cybr:


Happy Birthday to my old man! Hehe. Kidding, dear…just a little birthday humor.


(I thought you would appreciate the monkey) :)

Longevity is apparently genetic among women on both sides of my family.

My Granma Ruth, my Dad’s mom, is 90 years young today.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!!

I miss you and love you,


This was/is my birthday bouquet from my sweetie.

Just thought I would share. He is so good to me. He already got me a kickass camera for my (early) birthday, but since I was having such a crappy, drama-filled morning he came home with this gorgeous bouquet, a card and a bottle of Lambrusco (which is VERY hard to find here adn rather expensive, even though it is a $5 dollar wine back in the U.S).

The only thing missing is a clown

It’s 7-11 and another year has passed.  My lucky numbers seem to turn up every year about this time…just never at a casino!

Once again, I celebrate the anniversary of my 21st birthday. This is the preferred method so I don’t actually have to count myself another year older, I just remember being younger and having fun instead. 

It just recently occurred to me that birthday’s don’t mean a whole lot of fun to me anymore. Bummer, huh? I just means I am another year ‘wiser’, and in my opinion, I am already ‘wise’ enough.

Getting ‘wiser’ sucks but since I have no choice in the matter, I might as well celebrate being here and having drawn breath for another year.
So, everyone, wish me a Happy Anniversary of my 21st Birthday or if you really feel the need to rub it in, just wish me a Happy Birthday.