Discovering motherhood…one poopy diaper at a time.

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Michelle Clinard Wagner. Born 7-11-not yesterday.

My most recent accomplishments include becoming a mom, giving birth (oh, yes, this is soooo different from becoming a mom), moving halfway around the world in my 7th month of pregnancy (not highly recommended) with 2 cats and 2 dogs in tow and then settling into our new home 1 week before delivery.

Other recent accomplishments include becoming a world traveler, learning to play the violin and attempting to learn Mandarin…ah, but these are things from pre-motherhood.

Currently my hobbies include trying to turn photography into a career, singing in the shower, reading, writing, dancing around the house in my underpants and running amuck.  My hobbies haven’t changed much with motherhood, although some were delayed for a bit, and I have added entertaining my infant to the list!

Zodiac: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Wife to Cybrpunk.

Mom to Kira, Francois B. Dioux Dioux, Chini, Guinness, Pixel and Burrito.

Living in Hong Kong. Prior to moving here I lived in St. Louis, Missouri, United States most of my life.

Back in St. Louis, Missouri and very glad to be for the sake of my child and for all the help we have received from family…but seriously, I am already ready to move to someplace less landlocked.  I miss Hong Kong…