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Asshole of the Year Award

If there were an award as such, it would go to the dickhead featured in this news story.

I have been annoyed by the incessant, shrill cries of a child in a public place.  I also have the free-will and wherewithal to LEAVE if I can’t deal with it, certainly that would make more sense the repeated striking of a 2 year old in the face by a complete stranger.

In this story, it explains how the man threatened the mother that “if she couldn’t shut the kid up, then he would”…then, when the child continued to cry in another aisle, he proceeded with hitting her in the face four or five times.

You see…maybe I am a little crazy, maybe just perfectly normal, or maybe I simply tend to respond quickly in most situations…either way, just those words alone would have sent me off into a blazing hot, angry like a bear that has been poked with a hot stick rage of protecting my child.

Now, I am not trying to scold the mother for not reacting faster or with violent retaliation…but I certainly do not understand her quick forgiveness.  I am a forgiving person, but I am thinking that a little bit of anger is in order for now and then forgiveness a little later.  She is either full of crap and putting on for the media or I guess she is more forgiving than most people I have encountered.

No matter, I can assure you that if I were in the mother’s shoes, I would have potentially been arrested along with the crazy bastard that hit my kid repeatedly.  I would have tackled his sorry ass and wailed on him with a vengeance.  I am not saying that behaving violently and being arrested in  front of my kid in response to a violent attack is THE BEST or THE RIGHT thing to do…but perhaps it is.  Even though some of you may see it as setting the example of violence being acceptable, I am personally of the opinion that (a mother) defending her child IS acceptable be it violent or not, circumstantially speaking.  I feel that doing nothing is worse for the child than doing something.

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  1. I saw this last night in the news and almost posted something about it! I absolutly agree, that man NEVER would of had a chance to touch my child let alone smack her 4-5 times. Sometimes crazy is as crazy does! NO ONE touches my child or threatens them. ALL HAIL MOMMA BEAR!

  2. I spelled absolutely wrong oops!

  3. I’m with you. I said the exact same thing to my hubby when he told me about this. That man would have needed to be hauled out on a stretcher by the time I was done with him. Senile old asshole.

  4. I flinch when the waitress passes plates to us at a restaurant over the babys head. Also, they are always putting the sliing for the baby seat in the aisle where people are constantly walking by. I end up eating with 1 hand and the other on the sling in case someone bumps it. I am glad we have graduated to a booster chair.

    I am pretty sure I would have hit him – only once…and I dont think you would have worried about him geting up before the authorities got there.

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