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I just thought I’d stop in and say hello.

This has been a hell of a year.

I’ve become a mom and all the glory and glamour that entails.  I have been jumping through hoops to try to find out what is up with my kid’s digestive system and allergies.  I have been feeling the pressure of new parenthood on my marriage, my daily life, and my self in general.  I have been hoping for time to pursue a photography career, but not quite been able to make time the way I’d like to.  I have been blogging (harhar).

So, you get it, this has been a crazy year so far.  And it’s not over yet!  Thankfully.  AS IF I need the years to pass any faster than they already do.

My point, you ask? Now I am sick.  No, not just sick and tired.  Actually sick.  Ill.  I am awaiting some bloodwork, some has been done already, and waiting for answers.  It is looking like a variety of problems that may or may not include: low thyroid, low potassium, kidney issues of some variety, and leaning toward type 2 diabetes.  This does not appeal to me.  Nothing on this list actually appeals to me. Although, I must say, if I knew what was wrong then perhaps I could fix it and then feel better.  That is what I’m looking forward to.

I suppose motherhood has been harder on me than I suspected…I mean, I expected some gray hairs (no worries, got those, too!) but I apparently get a bonus health of an 80 year old package! wOOt!

Kidding, of course.  I am expecting to be fine because in all honesty and humor aside, the one thing motherhood has given me for certain that trumps all this other medical b.s. is a reason to be here for a long, long time and a reason to be healthy, healthier, perhaps even healthiest…or whatever that means.  In a nut shell…I am not worried because I am not going anywhere but right here participating in my kid growing into an adult.

I was stubborn before, but I think I may have just taken it to an all new level.

Think healthy thoughts for me, say prayers, send healing vibes…whatever you do, it’s all welcome.  Thanks!

I probably haven’t made much mention about our trouble moving from Hong Kong to St. Louis up ’til now, but I believe we are finished chasing down Graebel to fix the damages we incurred due to their gross negligence during both packing and moving.  They damaged our billiard table severely, ripped a hole in our sofa, broke the back off a dinette chair and there were innumerable damages to decorative items that were packed by the Graebel staff with the skill of throwing everything, whether it be fragile or not, into a box with absolutely no packing material.

This damage caused by Graebel’s negligence was not acceptable and we had made arrangements to have the additional insurance coverage in the event there were some damages during shipping/storage that were unavoidable.  Good thing we did, because there was a lot of it!

Problem is, Graebel has been nothing shy of difficult and at times argumentative regarding our account and in getting our information straight (stating we did NOT have insurance when IN FACT we DID!), insisting that we have a repair company come and fix things (which we did and they did and some things were fine, but a big rip with stitching in it is still a big rip!), and then arguing over what we did or didn’t find acceptable as far as repairs and letting that go on for months all the while they were actually closing our account without our knowledge even though the staff member we were dealing with just kept arguing with us.

Finally, we got a new person to deal with us and they are going to work with us.  They are NOT, however, going to comply with the request that I made that would make this acceptable for us.  We are conceding to their way because they are unwilling to make good on the customer service end of the deal.  They ARE going to compensate us with the specified insured amount of our sofa and loveseat, but they are going to do so by having what would be a minimum of 3 more people come to our home during the day…and quite frankly, all I wanted for them to do is pay us what we insured the sofa/loveseat for and LEAVE US ALONE.  But they can’t seem to do that.

They have rules they have to comply with that do not consider whether their customers are satisfied, but rather that inconvenience us even further than they already have by expecting US to jump through even more flaming hoops when it should be THEM jumping through this ONE hoop for us.

If they would just make this final transaction simple and not require any more from us, since we paid for their service, not the other way around…then, I could be satisfied and let it go.

But they won’t.  So I would suggest to anyone that is ever considering a move, whether it be a local move or a long distance/overseas move to STAY CLEAR OF DEALING WITH GRAEBEL MOVERS.  They will cause you nothing but grief and waste your time AFTER they break all your shit.

If you are interested, you can read the final letter of reluctant acceptance of their terms:

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I wanted to share with you this innovative, crafty, homemade thingy I made for Kira that she absolutely LOVES with a capital V.

It is quite simply a plastic juice jug, sans juice.  I filled it a bit more than half full of water (see how optimistic I can be? harhar) and added little foam dolphins and starfish to make glittery, floaty bits.

She likes to look at the little glittery, floaty bits when I sit her in front of the jug.  Sitting there holding on to it trying to look at the glittery, floaty bits (all the while keeping a hand behind her in case she loses her balance) she holds on to the jug and chews on the cap.  While this is entertaining to her, it also is bottom-heavy, thus helping keep her from falling over, teaching her balance and strengthening her torso.

Now, it must work because my 6 month and 1 week old child has been sitting up unsupported for about 3 weeks now, maybe 4.    So, if you are thinking along the lines of, “oh, my! how could she let her child chew on plastic that isn’t BPA free!?”, then allow me to respond with:  I’ve already heard this.  We don’t microwave the plastic jug, we don’t set it out in the sun to get sun microwaves, so we aren’t overly concerned.  Get over it.

Also, let me add a disclaimer:  If you were to copy this idea, which I would recommend because it really does work, I would recommend taping down the cap with a non-toxic tape so that water can’t spill out accidentally while you child may be chewing on the cap.  Maybe something like bandage adhesive.  I don’t know what you should use, just make sure it isn’t toxic like duct tape.  If you let your kid chew on duct tape then the survival of the fittest rule applies and I cannot help you, in fact no one probably can.


My sweetie just gave me this t-shirt as a surprise!  I LOVE this shirt!

I am accepting it as an early Mother’s Day gift…


I was in a crappy-with-a-capital-Y mood on Saturday.  I have no reason for it, I just was.  I got out of the house for a bit sans family because I thought 1) it would help my mood to have a little “me” time and 2) I figured I could kick my own ass at the gym if retail therapy didn’t help.

I went by Garden ridge for some planters and when I pulled into their busy parking lot, a Enterprise rental van was cutting through all parking lanes in a rather dangerous manner.  I, being the passive-aggressive driver that I can be, did not even slow down a bit.  I thought, “go ahead, hit me!” and kept my pace up the parking lot lane.  As she looked right at me, waved her arm at me, not slowing down even a little, cutting through parked cars and across lanes, risking people’s vehicles and safety…I laid on the horn and continued right for her.

At that moment, I truly wished that money was no object for us because I would have broad-sided her.

So, she saw myself and two other cars driving where we had the RIGHT OF WAY and proceeded without caution.  I was pissed anyway so this really bothered me.  I nearly took a parking spot near the entrance to the store but I knew it would burn a hole through me if I didn’t say something to her.

I circled around and over a couple of aisles where she had parked and pulled up next to her with my window down and ever-so-rudely asked her, “Do you think the fucking rules don’t apply to you?!?” and drove away flipping her the bird.

Now, I freaked her out a bit by pulling up next to her, but by no means do I believe that my action, or in this case REaction, has changed this woman into a more considerate, safe driver…I’m not kidding myself.  But it did make me feel better instead of holding it in for it to fester into something ripe and nasty.

I also had a few revelations this weekend, including:

  1. I think there is barbecue sauce on my ceiling.
  2. I really hate my chosen wordpress theme.
  3. Only one of my kids toenails ever grows.  Just one.
  4. Bananas make my kid poop like grown up.

That is about it.

Oh, and I started a new craft project this weekend but I can’t tell you what it is…or I’ll have to kill you.

I usually do.  It is rare for me to be entirely speechless.  Rare, indeed.

My being the kind of person who always has something to say, it stands to reason that I dole out a lot of advice…mostly solicited, occasionally unsolicited.  I have always been that person that people approach with issues, problems, etc… when seeking a shoulder to cry on, some one to lean on or advice and I love that about me.

So, in the spirit of being approachable, if you would like my non-professional advice on anything, then now is the time to ask for it.  Leave a comment and I will post that along with my advice to you…either anonymous or onymous, your call.  Then you are welcome to take it, recycle it or dispose of it!

Now, lets see if anyone is actually reading this blog anymore….muahahah!

Life update

I have been dragging around boxes, unpacking, putting things away and hanging up clothing until I am ready to scream.  I hate moving…that is a mouthful from someone who has moved 23 times in my life.

I will say this, this move is the most like Christmas I have ever experienced.  I haven’t seen most of our stuff/my stuff in over two years.  There are a lot of things we didn’t even know we had and a lot more that we forgot we had and even a small section of things we thought we had, but haven’t found them yet if we did.  It isn’t boring, that much I can say for certain!

I am extremely uncomfortable down in my lady area, as my little beastie that is growing inside me has been dropped and engaged for at least two weeks now.  There is so much pressure down below that I am afraid for what is to come.

Today I woke up with one giant, swollen foot and significantly low blood sugar levels.  I had breakfast and then my blood sugar level went through the roof and my swelling worsened.  Just one leg/foot.  Not both, it is weird.  I called my doc since this is out of the ordinary and they need to see me right away.  I go in for a doc visit in the morning to see what is up.  I hope like hell he decides to induce labor.  I am ready to meet my little beastie girl.  That, and to sit/stand/lay down without discomfort.

Anyway, I think she is ready to come out on her own, so maybe that is the deal.  She is pushing really hard and I have been having contractions on and off for weeks.  I think it is time.  I know we are certainly ready, at least as ready as we can be.

Go visit for an update, too.  I haven’t forgotten the site (or this one, either!) but we haven’t had internet for about a week and then I got busy unpacking.  Not I feel like crap, so maybe I will sit on my butt and type up some more nonsense for the four or so readers I have left!

So much happening, so little time to process it all much less write about it.

The baby is ready to roll.  She is dropped down against my cervix, which brings me to a whole new level of discomfort, I have apparently had my “bloody show” and am awaiting her arrival at this point.  I am not dilated at all, at least not as of Monday when I was examined and if I am having any contractions, they aren’t strong enough to notice.  So, my little beastie may be with us on or before Halloween (if we are lucky it will be ON Halloween, what an awesome birthday!).

We close on the house this Friday, move in Saturday thru Monday and I get my fuzzy boys back on Saturday, too.  I can’t wait to see them!  It has been just over three months.  Three long, lonesome months without kittehs.  I miss having a kitteh on my head at night, Francois makes the bestest nightcap.  I just hope they aren’t too freaked out by the 5 hour drive to St. Louis from St. Joseph, MO and that they remember their mother.  I NEED KITTEHS!!!

There has been more to do this week than I can keep track of.  If I haven’t returned your phone call or if my scant posts are boring the hell out of you, then I must apologize.  That is about all I can do right now, I mobility and brain function are both rather limited right now.  I just hope I get my brain back soon.  I don’t think it is fair that women have to do both the physical and mental part of pregnancy…I think if I have to carry her in my body, be uncomfortable, and have painfully gross things happen to my body, then Cybr should at the least have to get “placentabrain” (as my doctor calls it, see it has a technical term).  Oh, well, it isn’t likely at this point so there isn’t any sense in dwelling on it.

Will be back…sooner or later!

I have a lot more free time than I used to.  It is a good thing because I am mostly exhausted and need the rest but it is a bit sad, too, because then I do things like this…

This is one of the things I have been up to recently.  We shaved all the shave-able dogs which made Sassy cold once her hair was gone…So, this was the obvious solution:


We had our inspections done on the house we have a contract on and now are preparing to meet with our agent this evening to renegotiate a couple of important issues…let’s all hope that the deal still goes through or we are back to square one looking for a home again, but this time with a newborn in tow.  I really want to be in our own place when she enters this world.  I need it.  I need our own space.  I can’t explain why, nor do I feel the need to .

I have my first baby shower this weekend and the second is next weekend…yay!  I just can’t wait to eat cake and see all my friends and family.  Oh, and see the stuff…you know, the baby stuff.  Baby stuff is fun, we just bought some pj’s that are pink with monkeys all over them.  Hehe.  Monkeys are good.

I am SOOOOOO eating cake tomorrow, even though I am not supposed to have sugar.  I am only human, so LET THERE BE CAKE!

I have to send baby pictures to my bestest friend who is hosting the second baby shower…one problem…I put them in a “safe place” so they wouldn’t get bent.  Oops.  I have been tearing stuff up all week looking for them.

I have acid reflux bad enough that multiple doses of medicine have no effect on it.  I think my esophagus is permanently burned just from last night alone.  I am planning on testing the wives tale that a baby will have a head full of hair if the mom has heartburn/reflux…we shall see!

I spend WAY too much time in my OB’s office every week.  He was right, it is a lot of time spent there and it does suck.

I felt really crappy all week until yesterday, when I suddenly received a burst of energy yesterday that has continued over into today.  Pregnancy is so weird.

P.S.  There will soon be an update of my belly…I swear.