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After a painfully lazy day yesterday, Cybr and I have decided to take off early this morning to get a bit of breakfast and see the new Indiana Jones movie. Afterward, we may head out to an outdoor market to check out some camera supplies (yay!).

I may get crazy later on and give Cybr a haircut (yes, I do this at home and no, I have no formal training — hehe).

Big fun! Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend back in the U.S.!


We saw the movie and it was good. Not earth-shattering good, but entertaining nonetheless. My only real grievance was that the seats in the movie theater hurt my butt. They seats on the public buses are more comfortable!


I have read and been told that baby hormones can turn you into a complete dunce, but I am thinking I might be taking this to a whole new level. It is possible I may even achieve stupidity, I am just hoping it is temporary.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I mooned people visiting the Big Buddha due to getting my skirt hooked on my backpack while squatting over a eastern squatty-potty toilet…

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I may have topped that today. At the least, I surpassed the humor factor of the Buddha Incident.

Today, we went with two friends of ours to the 4D Theater at the Airport Mall to see Ironman (which was SO FREAKING GOOD, OMG you MUST go see it right now!). We left our flat and met them out front, rode with them to the bus in their golf cart (that is a whole other story), rode together on the bus, walked through the airport and then through part of the mall together…and then my bladder kicked in and I went off to the bathroom as everyone waited for me by browsing a toy shop.

It happened in the bathroom while I am hovering over a toilet. Ladies out there, you understand this and understand the logistics of it, but for everyone else’s sake I am going to explain the logistics: hovering over a toilet, a normal toilet, involves a lot of looking at your feet…enough said. So, I am staring at my feet when I burst with laughter. I laugh my way all the way out of the bathroom, find Cybr and as soon as he sees me and the look of laughter ready to rupture on my face, he begins to laugh and asks me what is so funny…

I cannot answer him, I bust up laughing even harder to the point of tears and silent air-laughter. Everytime I try to tell him what is so funny, he laughs and that makes me laugh harder. (anyone who knows me enough to have heard me really bust a gut laughing knows that it is unavoidably contagious!)

I catch my breath and tell him how I’ve said to him that these pregnancy hormones have made me stoopid and how I was hovering over the toilet when I saw my shoes. I said through more airy laughter, “Look at my shoes!”.

He looks down and begins rolling with laughter. Now we are both busting up with laughter when our friends, who by now think we have both lost our minds, ask what is so funny. I point out my shoes and we all get a big laugh.

Perhaps you had to be there, but I had on two different shoes. Both Crocs. But two different colors.

Yes, as a matter of fact I am feeling a bit special right now.

EDITED to ADD: I feel I should mention that the shoes were EXTREMELY different in color. One was tan with black accent and the other was bright ice blue with brown accent. It was in no way subtle!

We had an eventful weekend, relatively speaking.

On Friday, we watched Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer and ate dinner at home.

On Saturday, we went to Wan Chai to look for some XBOX360 games and a PSP for Cybr. Oh, and the Scene It for XBOX (which I love!!!) that we found for about the equivalent of $34 USD. Yay!

Cybr found a few games he wanted, we got the Scene It game, no luck on the PSP, we ate dinner at Outback (which is the first time since we were in Seoul, Korea…doesn’t that sound funny!?) and then we headed home.

Then Sunday we went on the Hong Kong Dolphin Watch Tour which includes up to 4 hours on a nice boat with refreshments and seeing pink dolphins in their natural habitat. It was awesome! The boat was really nice, I enjoyed the upper deck a lot. We totally need one of those so Cybr can cruise us around while I take in the sights and the sun from my lounging position on the upper deck. That would rock.

We saw a few (possibly as many as 6, but they were spread out feasting on the fish cast off through the net of a fishing boat) pink dolphins while we were out in the open water. They are so cute, they really are pink!!

I feel I have to mention that the dolphin watch website states that there is a refrigerator on board the vessel; however, it states that it is “available for cake and cheese storage only”. This struck me as particularly amusing. Cake and cheese, but not cheesecake. Milk is a definite violation of refrigerator usage. Hehe.

Also, there are signs posted clearly throughout the vessel that diving into the waters from the vessel is strictly prohibited. It clearly states that the reason for this is for liability sake but I think we can all agree that it is really because of the sea snakes.

Here is a picture of an adolescent pink dolphin:


I do realize that it doesn’t appear to be pink in my photo, but that is because it is an adolescent. Babies are born dark gray, they fade to light gray within a short time after birth, as they reach adolescence they become a mottled gray/pink and then in adulthood they gray fades completely leaving them a bubblegum pink color. They are beautiful. I love seeing them in their natural habitat, but it saddens me greatly to see how polluted their habitat is. They are truly in great danger for extinction. They are pink for physiological reasons, by the way, and not the pollution which is likely to be suspect in their odd coloring.

Excerpt from a song in the movie titled “No Place Like London”:

Sweeney Todd (singing):
There’s a hole in the world
like a great black pit and it’s
filled with people
who are filled with shit
and the vermin of the world inhabit it.

We visited our friends last night and watched Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street in the comfort of their living room.  They managed to find a really good bootleg copy of it recently, I think it was actually an award copy and not a video recording of the movie.

I think I may have mentioned that we tried a couple of bootleg copies and decided it just wasn’t worth it to us to buy them, since more than half of them were trash.  I just can’t watch a movie that goes in and out of focus, is really grainy, I can’t hear half of what is being said, and some of the screen is cut off (including any subtitles indicative of locations or what is being said).

Luckily, this copy of Sweeney Todd was not a recorded version so it was like watching a normal DVD.

Review time.  I must admit, I am extremely biased about Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp.  That being said, it was awesome.   That aside, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter both impressed me with being able to carry a tune.  Their voices were not overdone, which was actually perfect for this musical and their odd characters were quirky, funny and a little creepy like only they can do.

I loved it.  It is a movie I would watch more than once.

Go see it if you haven’t already!!!

time.  I was thinking about time.

It goes by so quickly.  If only I could bottle a remedy for time passing too quickly.

It seems like we arrived in St. Louis just yesterday, but it is nearly time to leave.  It seems like it was just yesterday that I longed for the days to pass by more quickly, but today I wish for just the opposite.

We have seen many people on this journey home for the holidays, but unfortunately it doesn’t feel like we were able to visit with our friends and family more than just a few short hours.  None of our visits have felt substantial, merely passing by on our way to the next. 

We have been here for 14 days already and I am longing for more. 

I was just telling my niece, who will be 13 years old this month, that she shouldn’t grow up too quickly because when she gets grown up it doesn’t take long before you wish you were young again.  She probably rolled her eyes at me, but I can’t say much about it since I would have done the same at her age.  Hopefully she will heed my advice…someday.

Her younger sister chimed in her two cents after I dispensed my advice.  She announced that she was going to stay a kid as longer than any other kid.  I hope she truly believes that, I hope her sister isn’t in too much of a rush.

They are such good kids, really, they misbehave at times but overall they are so considerate of other people.  I have personally seen them both behave selflessly at separate times, which I believe to be extraordinary behavior for (at the time) 11 and 9 year old kids.  They know I love them, even if I am a half a world apart.  I do miss birthday parties, though.

So, if they read this (which I know they do) then I hope they are reading just how loved they are.

Anyway, we have been shopping for movies and I am soooooo bored with that.  We did see I Am Legend on the IMAX screen and it was a great movie.  I cried (sobbed, actually) when ***spoiler alert*** the dog died.  Big surprise, huh?

I will have more time to update here in the upcoming weeks.

Until then…

Since I will be out of Hong Kong for the next month, I thought I would post a few more:





Just what we all need…a revival of the Chipmunks. Yay. *insert false enthusiasm here*






I just returned from the pizza buffet at Sopranos restaurant in Discovery Bay and it was rather tasty. The lasagna was almost as good as my own, however the brownies were a bit dry. Mmm…pizza buffet.

I caught a feral cat today for de-sexing, she will go tomorrow to the SPCA. I will give it another go on Thursday, as well.

I just fed all the fuzzy kids, both permanent and foster. I brought out the boiled chicken and soon regretted that idea. The foster kids, who act like they didn’t just eat two hours ago, just leaped into the air and stuck to me like velcro. Yeah, like velcro made with a thousand sharp needles. Ouch.

I think we are going to watch Zodiac tonight, we have been wanting to see it and it is $10 Tuesday at Movieland. That would be ten Hong Kong dollars (HKD), so it is really cheap compared to the usual $25 HKD rental fee.


Speaking of movies, did anyone see Premonition? It was okay, but it really just pissed me off.


As far as the Blood Moon, we weren’t able to see anything here in Discovery Bay, HK. That really sucks.

Oh, and I am relatively certain that I have a kidney stone in my left kidney as I type this…

Movie review

We just watched Eight Below, the snow dog movie, last night.  If you haven’t yet seen this movie, I may ruin it for you…


I cried repeatedly.

Who in their right mind would leave their dogs in Antarctica, much less tethered to a chain? I cried when they left and I yelled at them for not having one person stay behind to guarantee the dogs would be evacuated, too.

I would never leave my fuzzy kids. I don’t care how bad the situation. I would not leave them, the same as I would expect some one would not leave their child. I have been told this will change after I have kids of my own, but anyone who really knows me knows better than that.

I was crying and said aloud, “I would have never left them”.  Chini, who is on my lap in spite of being 60 lbs, turns her head around sharply and her look says “Would you leave me?!?”.  I reply to this look with “I would never leave you either”, which gets me a quick kiss on the nose and she lays back down.

This is exactly why I would never leave my pets. They have emotions, they feel, they communicate and they comprehend. This is probably on various levels, of course, just as it is with humans. 

If you don’t believe me, then ask my husband…my dog understands English perfectly well and in many cases can spell pretty well too.  I think I have mentioned before that speaking French pisses her off, but she understands that as well as Spanish. Go ahead, call me crazy! My husband thought I was just being weird/cute, then he really got a dose of Chini once we started living together and he says it is creepy how she gets me (now she gets him, too).  She is a smart ass, likes to have the last word and she is easily as sensitive as I am.  Just saying that I was going leaving her, even hypothetically, would just shatter her…

Anyway, it was a good movie. The dogs were great, the story pissed me off (who would do that?!?), and Paul Walker’s acting sucked as usual.

In other movie news, we saw Transformers last weekend. 

 transformers.jpgThis movie kicked ass!  It was great!  Funny, exciting, blowing stuff up, action-y goodness! I will say no more, go see it….